You take your workouts seriously. Unfortunately, after a long day you are tired and it’s really hard to stay focused for working out. There are thousands of dietary supplements out there to help you keep up your energy, but not all keep you focused during your entire workout. How do you know which one to take? This article will cover one of those products and help you decide.

The product is Driven Sports Craze Nutrition Supplement.  This is powder will give you preworkout power that you have never known before. Craze contains L-Citrulline, which provides more Nictric Oxide which in turn lets blood flow easier! This provides you with a better workout and muscle growth! Let’s highlight three benefits for this supplement.

Excercing and Working Out


After a long day at work it is really hard to focus on anything, let alone working out! This supplement helps you focus in such a way that the only thing you will be thinking about is your running or lifting. Things in life make us go to the gym and just “hang out” and stare at the barbell. This product will help you get past your insecurities and focus on what’s in front of you! It will put you in “the zone!”

Lasting Energy

A lot of drinks will cause you to get a fast energy high. Craze is a good preworkout drink that will exceed your expectations. You may even find your self working out for hours after a long day at the office! Craze will not cause you to crash halfway through your work out like others do!


This product has testified to great motivation. It will help you finish that mile, hit more reps, and get past all those excuses in your head for giving up! It won’t leave you feeling anxious or with jitters, it keeps you solid. Even if you take this good pre workout drink early in the day, it will not diminish your motivation later!

Energy Drink

Pros & Cons


Long Lasting Energy
Lack of Jitters and Anxiety
Intensity and Endurance
Tastes Good

Cons and Warnings:

Take at least 6-7 hours before going to sleep (yes it will keep you up that long!)
Because it is so potent, it makes it difficult to take at night if you want to sleep.
The container is small, but the scoops are small too so don’t be worried (this just means they don’t use fillers!)