Have you ever been in a rut in your exercise routine? Have you even started one? A few months ago I was not exercising. Sure, I took the stairs occasionally and went for a walk in the park when the weather was nice, but I had never committed to a program. The whole idea sounded unappealing. Achy muscles, sweat, shortness of breath. Ugh. Oh sure, the promise of an attractive bod sounded great, but the work that it would take to get there sounded too hard to be worth it. Little did I know then how fun and interesting exercising really could be. All I had to do was discover Zumba fitness.

Zumba (pronounced "zoo-mba") is a proven method of dancing your way to fitness, and it is an incredibly fun activity aside from the health benefits. Class participants follow an instructor who leads dance routines, akin to the way aerobics classes work. However, this is no aerobics class. The music is hot. Like really hot. You'll likely get a mix of salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, mamba, and even some chachacha for kicks. Some Zumba classes incorporate modern pop and rap songs. One studio I visited even included belly dance music. Too cool. The movements are fun, sexy, and, best of all, easy to follow. If you don't already feel like a rockstar with the fun music and moves, you'll certainly look like one if you Zumba regularly because you can burn 500-1000 calories per hour. Say what? Yes, up to half of your daily calorie intake can be burned via one hour of your time in Zumba class. And it's so much fun that you won't even notice the time ticking by. It truly is that great.

If you'd like to give Zumba fitness a try, I recommend searching for nearby venues on Google or on Facebook. If you type in Zumba and the name of the city in which you reside, several convenient options should pop up. You can also call around to gyms and dance studios. Several have Zumba fitness programs and many will allow you to attend your first class for free to check it out. The classes are usually about an hour long. What could you lose (other than 500-1000 calories, of course)? Wear comfortable, stretchy pants such as yoga pants, a tank top or tee, running shoes, and bring bottled water.

Zumba fitness changed my life for the better. I participate multiple times per week and have become so enthusiastic about its positive impact on my life that I have recruited several friends to participate with me. They in turn have invited their friends because it is just such a good time. My family took notice of my new healthy and fun habit and gave me a Zumba fitness set for Christmas so that I can enjoy the activity at home. This has worked out great for the days my schedule conflicts with the gym schedule, and it also has saved me a lot of money since there is only a one-time fee for the kit versus paying every time I go to the gym. Such a great set. And Zumba is such a great activity. I hope you get the chance to try it. I warn you though, it just might change your life.

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