Build Muscle Without Weights


How to Build Muscle Without Weights

It’s the truth, you can do it. Building a muscular physique without the assistance of weights or meaningless time spent in the gym can be done. What it comes down to is working your body the way it’s supposed to work. I’m personally a big fan of exercising outside and doing a wide range of exercises; its fun and it works. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it’s certainly worth a shot, espeically if you're looking for a "how to build muscle without weights" article.

So how do you start? There’s a variety of styles of exercise you can choose from. Plyometrics, crossfit, yoga, triathlons… you could even join the military which uses tons of bootcamp exercises to get you ripped. What I propose however, is that you draw on the best aspects of each of these in order to build a toned physique.

 Let’s take some of the basic moves for starters; pull ups, push ups, squats, dips, pike push ups, glute raises etc… There are a variety of excellent body weight exercises that are going to help you start build muscle. In order to use these, it’s valuable to approach them from a wide variety of different angles to shock your muscles into growth.

 Try doing the exercises in the traditional manner and simply, grind out as many reps as you possible can to build up your endurance strength. You likely won’t put in size immediately, but you certainly are going to build some strength. Try making it a challenge to see how many reps you can squeeze out with proper form. Another technique that is useful in building endurance strength is either supersetting or pyramid sets. Superetting is where you rotate between two or three exercises with no rest in between and take a break after the exercises are complete. Pyramid sets involve starting at one rep, taking a break (or supersetting if you’re feeling energetic) and then going to two reps, then three reps and so on until you reach your maximum… then go back down!

 In contrast, try doing the exercises in a super slow method. Squats going five to seven seconds down and five to seven seconds up start to really ache after a while as your muscle breaks down to strengthen itself in the future. If squats are too easy try one legged squats or pistol squats. There’s always a more advanced version of whatever exercise you’re doing. I’d challenge anyone to know off more than five one armed pull ups!

 If military exercises aren’t your thing, I can’t say enough about classic interval training. Sprinting and swimming especially add mass to your frame in order to help you move faster in a shorter period of time. Think about the size of the sprinters in the last Olympics compared to the marathon runners. Look at the shape of some of the competitive swimmers. There’s a fair amount of mass, and these guys usually spend little to no time in a gym and almost all their exercise revolves around a no weight workout.

 I also can’t say enough good about exercise like yoga, rock climbing and high intensity sports. You’ll notice these guys don’t necessarily look like roided up monsters, but have an abundance of muscle on their frames. It’s evenly distributed and is a healthy fit to the person’s size. Your body is meant to have muscles, and if you look at these athletes for example, you’ll see they develop the necessary muscle all while doing what they love.

To begin to build muscle without weights is not a magical over night process. It takes time, effort and dedication (a healthy diet helps too). However you don’t need to spend every waking minute in a dungeon like gym. Look for activities that are naturally for you and that you enjoy doing. Building a muscular frame using a workout without weights can sometimes be as simple as copying how an athlete trains. I’d recommend ensuring variety in your workouts and always keeping intense, but workouts should be fun. Get out there and starting making muscle today!