In the weight room with my football team I've learned several workouts from my coaches, and from people I've met in the gym. And I feel like I have got a good idea on what may help out athletes to become more lethal. These workouts are not just for athletes whom wish to get better at their desired sport, they are also for people who wish to get fit and buff. But these do help you become more physically prepared to perform in your sport. The stronger and faster you are, the greater you will be compared to your foes. Safety Notice: I recommend a "spotter" for some lifts. Anywho, for each workout I will provide a clip on how to do them and what muscles will be exercised.




Typical lift that helps build muscle in your Pectoralis, Triceps, Deltoids, Serratus Anterior. Decline, Flat, Incline all differ by the position of the bench. Decline is declined downward, Flat is obviously flat, and Incline is inclined upward. They all work the same things except, each different angle focuses on different parts of your pecks. Decline - Works your lower part of your pecks. Flat - Works the middle part. Incline - Works the upper part. I recommend to alternate when doing these lifts so your pecks are even. More and more of benching, your chest will get stronger and you will develope a great upper body.

benchingCredit: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/criticalbench7.htm

How To Bench



Barbell Squats

A lift that will leave your legs feeling like jello. Squatting mostly works your Quadriceps, but also stregthens your Glutes and Lower Back. Squats are used by almost every type of athlete, it helps you sprint faster, jump higher, and you gain flexibility. Oh and ladies, where do you think Kim Kardashion got that lovely butt from?

squatsCredit: http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/bigger-muscles/barbell-squat.php

How To Squat


Power Cleans


The power clean works a lot of muscles and it's a full body workout. It's all about speed and power. You shouldn't really think of it as an exercise just for muscles but more of a movement that developes an all around explosive power. This power could be used for all sorts of things and can improve your agility tremendously. Safety Notice: This lift could be harmful if not done correctly, master the technique for your own safety.


cleansCredit: http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_master_the_power_clean

How To Power Clean


Bicep Curl

Basic Bicep workout that lots of people do to get your arms toned and strong. Except I want to inform you on how the Bicep works. The Bicep has 2 heads, hence it's stem "Bi" but when you bring in your hands closer to each other, it works the Outer Head A.k.a. the head that's present when you flex your arms. When you move your hands further apart you work the Inner Head of the Bicep. Now this would only occur when you're using a Barbell, other than that this doesn't matter if you using Dumbells in an Alternating fashion. Working your biceps help you with strength in your arms and can also catch the eyes of ladies and can bring them to your "Gun Show".

bicepsCredit: http://www.daveywaveyfitness.com/exercises/arms/the-most-effective-bicep-exercise-you-can-do

How To Curl


Overall maintaing a healthy diet and working out will help your body improve and get stronger. Here is just a taste of workouts that I provided you that could help you get better at sports; heck or even to just look good.