There are so many ways to work out without a gym, or even gym equipment. Many people make the excuse of not going to the gym as it takes too much time getting there, or it takes too much out of the wallet, or there is intimation between the experienced and the new. Money, time and commitments should not be used as an excuse for not going to the gym. In fact, it should be motivation or the main reason to go to the gym. Why? Because when you exercise, you are pushing the stress into the resistance of the weights/machines/cardio which in turn releases endorphins which is the best high ever without the side effects of drugs!

You can exercise without gym equipment, because nature and the outdoors provide enough resistance to give results and strength that will transform you into a jacked Tarzan! Maybe that’s not what you are after, swinging from one vine branch to another and pounding on your chest like you’re about to take on a gorilla.  For example, when you walk through the outdoors, look at what could be lifted and what could be played around with for resistance. You could find a big rock that’s sitting on the ground; you may want to see if you are even able to lift it from the ground. And you may want to check for bugs, especially the ones with more than 8 legs. If you are able to lift it, then you could safely press it over your head or throw it around so your whole body gets a through workout which a machine in the gym could never ever do for your physique. If you did find that one rock, I’m sure you can find plenty more with different sizes and weights (resistance)

Rocks could be too heavy and dangerous or you may not have strong enough coordination to actually make sure you don’t lose grip of the rock. So you may want to look into other ways such as maybe investing in an big hammer and you could find empty tires that you can smash into or you can pick up branches that have some weight into them and you can press, squat, and use your imagination! Anything you can challenge yourself with, whether for cardiovascular or strength related goals, nature can provide you with the workouts that have been successfully providing us humans with the "ideal" and "perfect" health and fitness status way before gyms were available.

Don’t even use your family as an excuse for not going to the gym! You can easily grab your kids, press them, curl them, and do all sorts of exercises with them even better then resistance training in the gym because kids(humans in general) provide an un-even distribution of weight.  This makes it even more challenging than the normal weight training you can do in the gym. Just don’t do it after they consume a meal or you may be asking for the meal to come back up! This is great training for emergencies just in case you have a fire or something that you need to get your kids out of quickly as it will be easier when the time comes. In fact, this type of training is used in the army, so when a solder is injured, a fellow soldier will be able to carry the injured with trained strength and endurance.

If you take your kids to the playground, you can work out there! Look at the monkey bars; use them as pull-up bars or even do some pushups or body weight squats while your kids are playing. Forget about the people that are staring, this is for your health and strength, JUST DO IT! Be creative, use your imagination, it should be easy when you have kids because they show you how to be active as they are always filled with energy and excitement. So pump it up and get active!!



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