A guide on how to file your insurance claim when you're injured at work

Types of insurance: workplace accident claims

If you are a business owner and have employees or are an employee there is a chance that and accident can occur whilst working. If this happens you could be eligible to make workplace accident claims. It is important to remember that workplace accident claims are available through various government or private organizations depending which country you are in, and which insurance cover you or your company may have. Most companies, big or small, should have liability insurance, and many governments make having workplace accident claims insurance compulsory.

What you can do before an accident ever happens to minimize your personal liability

The most prudent thing any employee can do before ever needing workplace accident claims is to know as much as possible about the various aspects of accident cover. Often after an accident there is so much happening that it is difficult to ensure the proper due diligence and this could cost a lot of time and money.

As part of an employment contract ask the Human Resource department about what type of workplace accident claims insurance the company has. Especially ask about any exclusions or special conditions e.g certain hospitals that are compulsory to visit etc. It would be best to get a copy of the company’s workplace accident claims policies and procedures, and familiarize yourself with them. This way, should an emergency occur while on duty, you can minimize the risk of personal liability.

If your company does not have workplace accident policies and procedures in place, it would be best to determine your legal position should any workplace accident occur. It is a good idea to increase your personal health or life cover if you feel that your company does not offer enough cover. The golden rule here is to make sure that in a worst case scenario you and your family does not suffer crippling financial losses.

Important advice should an accident occur at work

If you or a co-worker is ever injured while you are on duty, it is important to firstly get the emergency medical treatment you need, but try and keep a record of everything that you do as this can be claimed. This includes any receipts for medical care, doctors reports, x-rays etc. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of paying costs especially with large medical bills. So every bit of information that can be compiled will help should there ever be any workplace accident claims dispute.

If you have any special conditions as to where medical treatment should be done etc. make sure that these are followed immediately or as soon as possible should the accident circumstances make this impossible.

Get legal advice as soon as possible by getting professional advice early on as this will allow them the time to ensure proper procedures are followed, and they can advise you as to any actions that should be taken.

In conclusion

Workplace accident claims can occur and often with dire outcomes. Therefore, make sure that physical health issues are not compounded with personal financial loss.