Manpower is needed in order to run a company or business. Without employees, businesses will discontinue and the whole point of starting a business disappears. Sadly, employees don't always have a harmonious relationship with work or with each other. Therefore, these common workplace issues happen:

  • Bullying: Bullying doesn't stop once you've graduated from school. Workplace bullies often give particular employees a hard time by talking behind their back, making them do harder tasks, or calling offensive names. Often, these bullies are considered higher in terms of position or tenure of employment.

  • Career sabotage: Some bosses are too tyrannical that they will do everything to remain in power, even if it means putting down others who are doing well with their work. Sabotaging someone's career is not limited to bosses though. There may be cases wherein career sabotage involves issue of rivalry between employees.

  • Changes: In order to adapt to the evolution of business and employment, some companies undergo changes too, in more ways than one. Employees should be ready for it, especially if it involves their jobs.

  • Conflict: There are a variety of reasons why employees bicker with each other. However, disagreements commonly happen anywhere: at home, school, in a public place, and even at work. The important thing is for employees to remain professional and not let a conflict affect their work and their relationship with each other.

  • Gossip: Whether it's personal or through instant messaging, gossiping is one activity that eats up precious working time. It's understandable for employees to develop friendship with their fellow workers and discover more about them outside of work. However, gossiping not only creates hostility towards the person being gossiped, it also causes "cliques" which may make the gossiped feel left out. As much as possible, avoid meddling on other employees' personal affairs and do not join in a conversation that only involves gossips.

  • Negativity towards work: Most employees find going to work depressing, therefore having a pessimistic attitude towards it. There are different reasons as to why this happens: it might have been brought by the employees themselves, or an aspect of the workplace. Determine the reason and look for a reasonable solution in minimizing this negative impression.

There are a lot of other workplace issues that is far graver than the aforementioned ones. Those issues usually entail a law against it (e.g. harassment, retaliation) and therefore must be avoided at all costs.