We are eager to do literally anything – to go outside, have a walk or renovate our home. But reality is different for most of the modern people – work doesn't stop because of the warm temperature, on contrary – some businesses also awake at this time. So we can make the best of the situation and use this natural energy boost to start a new project. However, there is no point to do so, if your working place is a mess and you have some unfinished old projects.

Do you want to get in shape and step forward to finish your old projects in time? Do you want to make your place at the office inspiring and creative working environment? If so take a few minutes, read through this article and get some proven guidelines for a fresh new start!

Workplace Spring Cleaning Agenda

Don't Waste Time - Start the Spring Cleaning on Your Own!

Every year, Hammersmith residents are hiring professionals to deal with tough maintenance tasks around the office like carpet cleaning and disinfection. But usually the first days of spring are dedicated to end of fiscal year and cleaners come a week after the beginning of the season. There is no need to wait for their appearance and you can start the cleaning on your own.

Start with reordering your desk and documents. If it is necessary speak with your supervisor and ask him to let you spare some time on this task. Wise, far-sighted managers would never reject such request, because they know the importance of organization for productivity and efficiency. Take few hours and go through your papers, select them and clean off the old unimportant ones. Make precise archive – this will help you find your paper documents easier. Your manager can even encourage other team members to do the same thing.

Next step is to get rid of any excessive items on your desk – old notes, funny cards and empty pens. Distribute unnecessary items in different piles for recycling – true environmental care starts with the little things. There probably are some things on your desk that have been there for very long time - figurines, cards, pictures etc. They certainly have some sentimental value, but if you are going to renew your workspace you should consider taking them home, leaving one or two.

After you're done tidying up it comes the time to clean your desk. Empty the drawers and move everything away to dust it and wipe. Use a sponge or a cloth, damped into solution made of water and detergent and thoroughly clean the whole surface. After it dries and you put back your stuff you will see the difference.

Add Your Personal Touch

Cleaning and reordering your desk will certainly make it more pleasant, but if you want to make it a place for creative, productive and efficient work you will need to bring some mood. Make bright-colored board, where you can put some pictures, notes inspiring quotations and postcards. Or put some new pen cup. If you are feel more handy you can decorate it by yourself using simple materials like paper, beads, glue or seashells. It doesn't matter what you add as long as it makes you smile and enjoy your spot.