Modern times people to work in a modern way. If you are a successful person in your work the chances are high your work doesn't end when you leave the office. You are probably working all the time at home as well. Or maybe you don't have an office at all and your work is only done at home. Anyway, it is important to think about your setup first in order to get the most productivity out of your working hours.

Corner Computer DesksCredit: Computer

First of all, if you are doing your work online you need to think about your workstation computer. This means you need to think about a couple of basic concepts.

  • Does it need to be mobile? Are you going to work on other places as well? Maybe you should look into buying a laptop then, instead of a desktop computer. In that way you can meet clients in coffee bars and still bring your machine with you to do the hard work. You can even dive in the new ultra thin UltraBooks for a light weight machine.
  • External Monitor Size. A bigger monitor means more productivity. You are putting a lot of time in actual scrolling and switching between applications on your computer. It might be a smart move to get a big monitor, whether this is for your desktop computer of as an external display for your laptop.
  • Multiple Monitor Job? Having multiple monitors is increasing in popularity as more and more people are understanding the power of this set up. If you are writing a lot you might want to have an article open and your text editor somewhere else. What if you can put the article on one monitor and have your text editor on the other one. This means no more switching between apps!
  • Computer Hardware. Are there other things you need to put in your workstation? Do you have a printer set up, maybe indeed some external hard drives?

Of course there are the specs as well you need to think about. Speed first, capacity later. If you are getting a workstation computer it is important to have the speed, you can get an external hard drive later to help you with storage!

Workstation Furniture

L shaped desk: corner deskCredit: you chose your set up computer wise you can think about your home office desk, your actual workstation furniture. Do you need a computer desk for small space? Maybe you want to try a corner desk? When you are looking for a computer desk for small spaces, look for height instead of room.

When you build a computer desk with hutch you can actually store a lot more stuff, even a printer and everything for your home office, while keeping it on the same square feet. 

Some people are even working with a stand-up desk. This means they actually stand behind their desk. This is to increase the blood flow, increase your stamina and to have less back problems. Works like a charm for many people.

It will take a while to think about these things, but in the end you will be happy with your workstation computer set up!