World Book Day

What is World Book Day?

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of World Book Day but just in case you’ve been otherwise engaged, here’s a brief outline.

World Book Day is in early March every year and 2016 will be its 19th year.

It is a recognition of all things associated with books, reading, illustrations and authors. Its aim is to encourage all ages to read, but primarily to focus on children. Reading ages in the United Kingdom are poor and to focus on very young children is a positive and logical way to try to improve those reading ages.ABC for World Book dayCredit:

I remember many nights in bed as a young girl reading under the bedclothes with a torch so that my parents would not realize I was still awake at some ungodly hour! But, I loved it and have been an avid reader ever since.

 This special day was designed by UNESCO and takes place in 100 countries.

It encourages children to discover books and explore them by having one of their own.

The generosity of National Book Tokens Ltd has enabled the distribution of over 14 million  tokens into schools.

The Tokens

Every child up to the age of 18, provided they are in full-time education, will receive £1 token.

They can swap this token for 1 of 8 books that have been produced especially for this day.

Alternatively, they can get £1 off a book or an audio version at £2.99 or more at participating specialist shops.

More information is at but some of the books available are ‘Where’s Wally Now’, by Martin Handford, ‘Magic Molly-The Clever Little Kitten’, by Holly Webb or ‘Skulduggery Pleasant:The End of the World”.

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Events are taking place all over the country during March.

  • There are swap shops arranged in schools and local libraries where you can take along one of your books and swap it.
  •  Courses are organized for adults who want to write for children. JK Rowling has contributed so much to encouraging children to read.Will you be the next JK Rowling?
  • There are workshops related to particular books or subjects. For example, a member of the RSPB will talk to children about a story involving an owl.
  • There are numerous authors either talking about writing or reading from their own books.
  • Libraries are running workshops on how to illustrate your favourite passage from a book.
  • Competitions to make your own bookmarks are available.

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  • Stay and Play activities are arranged for the very young, from 0 – 5 years, together with their parents. These involve lots of visual stimuli and audience participation. A great deal of fun for both children and parents!
  • Workkshops focusing on writing stories from pictures are arranged.
  • A Murder Mystery event is planned. This is an opportunity for super sleuths to solve book-related clues of a murder that takes place in a library.
  • Lots of story-telling events where children can dress up are planned, like dressing up as your favourite character.
  • Fun puzzles, treasure hunts, music and rhyme are a few more World Book Day events.

Get Involved

This annual event is an opportunity for you to get involved to promote reading for others. You can organize your own event, join in one in your local area, give books to a neighbour’s or friend’s child or just start reading a new or even a used one.

See further information about used books in article Augment your List of Where to Buy used Books by E.Green.

Enjoy the day and make a difference!


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