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Excellent 3D Graphics

No Massive Download

Affordable Upgrades


Sometimes Swing Meter Freezes

Very Addictive

Full Review

World Golf Tour by has created one of the best online golf experiences I have yet to play online today ! If you love to play online games to break the boredom of your day, World Golf Tour may be the answer you have been looking for... Realistic 3D graphics enhance the experience as you visit world famous courses from around the world, and the challenge of each course will keep your interest because no two games played even at the same course are ever the same.

I started playing this game a couple of months ago when I saw an ad on one of the websites I frequent, and since I love to play golf and had been looking for an online game that didn't require a massive download just to be able to enjoy a round of golf from time to time, I thought I would just check it out to see what it was about. To my surprise, World Golf Tour is a free browser based game that required no download, but at the same time offered the best graphics of any golf game I have ever seen played on the Internet !

The initial cost of signing up and being able to play is free and it only takes about 5 minutes to set up your account. You start off in the low ranks as a Hacker, and as your game improves through practice, you rise through the ranks as an Amateur, Pro, and all the way to Master ! As you progress through the ranks, you receive credits that can be used through the Pro Shop to upgrade your equipment or enter tournaments. These rewards are small, but it gives you an opportunity to see the potential of your equipment upgrades.

After playing for a few days or weeks, you may decide to spend a few dollars on the game through your credit card or PayPal account to make upgrades to improve your game, but if you just want to play a round every once in a while for free, there is no pressure for you to upgrade. You can play for free for as long as you like, but if you want your score to really improve, equipment upgrades are essential.

World Golf Tour is also a social network where you can make friends to play rounds of golf with you. The added competition is really a great feature, but you are also able to interact with your fellow golfers through the chat feature when you are playing multiple players. Invite friends, or make new ones on the course as you play ! Its a great way to meet people from all around the world because the game is world wide and offers golfers from all over the world the opportunity to compete with anyone from anywhere !!!

Another feature I really like on World Golf Tour would have to be the free tournaments. This offers you a chance to compete in tournaments on a weekly or monthly basis for cash prizes you can use in the Pro Shop to upgrade your equipment, or enter tournaments that require a fee ! Once in the tournament mode, you will find the courses even more challenging with stronger winds and undulating fairways and greens. In order to win any of these tournaments, you will have to be at the top of your game because the competition is fierce from competitors world wide !

I would highly recommend World Golf Tour to anyone that enjoys to play online golf... Free access... No massive downloads... No pressure to upgrade... & Excellent 3D graphics !!! This game really has it all !

In Closing

After two months of play, I still find the game very challenging. Not many games have held my interest the way World Golf Tour has...