World music festival is a wonderful means to enjoy music that is performed live. One can actually treat it like a getaway and is normally enjoyed when you go camping. World music festival is generally held during summer as it is an event done in open-air areas. World music is described as a common specific word for worldwide music like folk or traditional music of a society which is formed and played by local composers or singers. Additionally, it is very much associated with the music of the locality of their starting point.

World Music Festival – Some Examples of Famous Types of World Music

Some examples of well-known types of world music consist of several types of non-European traditional music such as Indian raga music and Japanese koto music; folk music of the Eastern European such as the Balkans' village music; and the numerous types of tribal and folk music of Asia, South America, Central America, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa. Alan Stivell, a Breton musician, initiated the correlation between world music, conventional folk music, and contemporary rock music with Renaissance of the Celtic Harp, his 1970's album.

World music's extensive category comprises of unique types of cultural music from different geographical areas. The discovery of sound recording, general access to worldwide communication among the general public and artists, and the economical intercontinental air travel has helped developed the associated occurrence known as crossover music. Singers and composers from various places and societies can quickly gain access to recorded music from all parts of the globe; go to other countries in order to perform and establish an environment of stylistic inspirations; and spot and listen to musicians from other ethnicities who have visited.

Despite the fact that communication technology agrees to larger access to unknown or vague types of music, the influences that commercialization has likewise show the possibility of strengthening musical equality, the slow disappearance of conventional indigenous traditions of making music, as well as the obscuring of local individualities.

Glaston World Music Festival

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is the biggest green field outdoor performing arts and world music festival all over the world. This particular world music festival is very famous for its modern music, although it features theatre, cabaret, dance, circus, comedy, and a lot more arts as well. In the year 2005, Glaston world music festival's surrounded area was more than 900 acres, carried out more than 385 live presentations, and has been attended by roughly 150,000 individuals. Over 700 performances were shown in the year 2007 which were shown in more than 80 stages, with the space enlarged by 20,000 until 177,000.

Isle of Wight World Music Festival

Isle of Wight Festival is a world music festival that occurs each year in Isle of Wight, UK. This particular world music festival was held initially from the year 1968 until 1970, and such events were advertised and planned by Bill, Ron, and Ray Foulk under their company Fiery Creations Limited. The places in which these events were held were Afton Down, Ford Farm, and Wootton. The event in the year 1969 was remarkable, owing to Bob Dylan and the Band's appearance. It was actually Bob Dylan's first show wherein he got paid from the time when he had a motorcycle accident, and the followers from all parts of the globe (roughly 150,000 to 250,000) traveled to the Isle of Wight world music festival for what appeared like another coming. At present, the promoter of this world music festival is Solo Music Agency and Promotions. With the exceptions of where the event is held as well as introduces Dave Roe's traditional artwork, there is actually no link to the world music festival done in the year 1968 to 1970.

Radio 1's Ben Sully Big Weekend

Formerly branded as Penwythnos Mawr BBC Radio 1 and One Big Weekend, Radio 1's Ben Sully Big Weekend is a world music festival operated by BBC Radio 1 which occurs once every year in another place in UK on every occasion. Furthermore, this particular world musical festival is the largest ticketed music happening in Europe that is free of charge and consists of a huge number of fresh artists all the time. It was really a sequel of One Big Sunday, Radio 1's summer road show on tour wherein each Sunday of July and August, the road show would be hosted by another town that is generally in a huge park or alongside the beach. They are non-ticketed and free of charge as well.

Initially, the event was intended to be twice a year – Saturday was set aside for dance music, while Sunday is for bands; however, since 2005, the day allotted for dance music has also been changed to accommodate bands. The dance was held only on Saturday on a second stage in 2005, and held at an offsite club on Saturday evening in 2006.

Festival Músicas do Mundo – FMM Sines

FMM was established in 1999, and the goal was for the town's castle to have a fresh and new usage. The shrine was Vasco da Gama's place of birth, and the event, demonstrating the world's diversity when it comes to musical expressions, traces and recollects the intercultural uprising caused by the journeys of the navigator. Currently, this world music festival goes further than its initial corporeal restrictions and even further than any type of historical rationalization. Its philosophy is to draw people closer together via the emotion of learning other cultures' music. The event is held at Sines' Arts Center, the Castle, the town of Porto Covo and the beach. Apart from the Arts Centre, all of the locations are in open-air. The Castle can accommodate 6,500 people; the beach can hold 15,000; and the Porto Covo has a capacity of 8,000. The music genre being played there are jazz, classical music, blues, fusion, reggae, folk, tango and world music.

Vilanova International World Music Festival

A multicultural event of music, conventions and workshops, the Vilanova International World Music Festival is an annual event that takes place in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Catalonia, Spain) during the 3rd weekend of July. It's the world's oldest musical celebration in Catalonia, as well as in Spain. The event starts from 11 in the morning until late at night and lasts for 3 days. There are over 30 activities arranged for adults and even children. Majority of the shows in this world music festival are free.