WW2 RC Planes for Sale

Now You Can Get World War 2 Rc Planes for Cheap!

Back in the day, rc plane flying was a rich man's hobby - strictly for those with lots of disposable income and no better place to spend it. Nowadays, thanks to advances in rc plane technology and massive commercial production, you can get yourself a world war 2 rc plane for under $100! This includes all the necessities for flying it immediately right out of the box as soon as you get to the rc plane airfield. World war 2 rc planes are impressive in their level of detail and scale faithfulness to their real world WW2 counterparts. You can find almost every iconic American world war 2 fighter plane available as an rc plane model. Whether you're a fan of the P-51D mustang or the P-38 twin engine lightning, you can find your favorite world war 2 rc plane and get airborne in style.

The Newbie Special - WW2 RC Fliers with Gumption

World war 2 rc planes come in two major varities when it comes to body design. There are some rc plane designers that believe beginner rc pilots can only be expected to be spending a lot of time on the ground, but upside down and nose first. So that you don't have a single $100 flight and have to go home with a bunch of wreckage, some conservative rc plane designers have made their world war 2 rc planes with bodies made mostly of highly absorbent and shock resistant foam in order to allow you a little bit of leeway as a newbie rc plane pilot. While it's never recommended that you intentionally face plant your world war 2 rc plane from altitude over and over again into concrete, these highly crash-resistant (as they're known) world war 2 rc planes will be a good deal more forgiving than the second major type of model rc plane.

Advanced Warbirds for Seasoned Fighter Jocks

The second major type of world war 2 rc plane actually features enhanced detailing and faithfulness to the original fighter planes over the first category, but this comes at a price. These kinds of rc planes are made more from light plastic or even light metals and can therefore achieve a much highly level of detail and reality. However, these kinds of rc planes will not be so forgiving when you nosedive them from a couple hundred feet and then forget to pull up. If you're already a seasoned world war 2 rc plane fighter jock, you can safely opt for this second category of rc plane, knowing that, barring any acts of god or newbie kamikaze pilots on the airfield, you won't have any occasion to have an accident that would put a serious dent in your rc plane's body.

Buying WW2 rc fliers can be a great way to get in touch with your favorite world war 2 fighter planes and relive a famous era in flight and war. If you know a world war 2 buff that needs a good excuse to get outside and enjoy the breeze, consider getting them a WW2 rc plane as a present and watch their delight as their scale model takes off and begins to climb...