With the upcoming release of the zombie epic World War Z the time is ripe to offer a review of the book that it is based on. World War Z  was originally written by author Max Brooks.

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The world portrayed by World War Z is one that is mired in darkness and the feel of unresolved anxiety and fear in what is left of humanity after the events of the previous years.  The book takes place 10 + years after the initial events that led humanity to the precipice of extinction  and is a collection of stories left over after the hard statistics of the zombie war were gathered by a UN reporter.  This story is planet wide as it covers the initial outbreak in China to the fall of India and the collapse of governments worldwide as people struggle and fail to deal with the realization that they are fighting the dead come back to haunt them. 

The author does a excellent job of building the world through the tiny snapshot of individual people and events.  My favorites would include the interview with the Chinese doctor who first discovered this new "rabies" virus in a rural village and a interview with a Russian clergy member who is member of an order dedicated to dealing with humans who have been bitten.  Their accounts are frankly chilling and are masterful examples of well written horror.  The whole book is full of of little details that make the story just come "alive" (pardon the pun). 

The novel depicts humanity at our lowest when we are beaten and defeated and frankly ready to give up and leave the Earth to the zombies and the destruction their rise has brought about.  But it also depicts us at our best when we cast off despair and begin to push back against the overwhelming odds using our scientific knowledge and the will to live to take back control of our lives.

This book will give you chills and thrills and if you anything like me it will make you check all your doors and windows before you go to bed.   So look for it at you local library or if you are a lover of zombie fiction I would suggest going ahead and buying it.  I have found Amazon as a quick and easy way to purchase it but it can probably be found at local book stores as well.

So read the book and then see the movie but make sure to enjoy them for what they are and try not compare them to each other.  They will be two different things if the previews for the film are any indication and there is no reason not to enjoy the movie, except out of loyalty to the book. 

If you do decide World War Z is for you I hope you enjoy it like I did and I look forward to hearing what you think about the book and the movie when it premieres.