In 1992 at the UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) it was recommended to pick a day to celebrate freshwater. In 1993 the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as World Water Day. International World Water Day is held annually to get attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Why a Word Water Day?

Many people in the world die because they lack access to clean water and proper sanitation. Solving the water problem in the world is not easy. Various developments such as food scarcity and resource depletion affect the water problems. Climate change and economic developments lead to the believe that there should be more cooperation to find solutions.

In 2000 the United Nations agreed for 2015 to achieve measurable progress in combating poverty, education, health and environment. Agreements on this were recorded in eight millennium goals:

Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education

Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women

Goal 4: Reduce child mortality rate

Goal 5: Improve maternal health

Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development

It is intended that the World Water contributes to the Millennium Goals and in particular to reduce poverty and the environmental sustainability.

Word Water Day themes

Each year a specific aspect of freshwater is highlighted:

Year        Theme

1994      Caring for our Water Resources is Everybody's Business [

1995      Women and Water

1996      Water for Thirsty Cities

1997      The World's Water: Is there enough?

1998      Groundwater - The Invisible Resource

1999      Everyone Lives Downstream

2000      Water for the 21st Century

2001      Water for Health

2002      Water For Development

2003      Water for Future

2004      Water and Disasters

2005      Water for Life 2005-2015

2006      Water and Culture

2007      Coping With Water Scarcity

2008      Sanitation

2009      Transboundary Waters

2010      Clean Water for a Healthy World

In 2011 the theme is ‘Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge’. Most people in the world live in cities. City populations are growing very fast. It’s almost impossible for cities to adept their infrastructure. Word Water Day focuses not only on the impact of rapid growth of cities but also on economics and the effects of climate change and natural disasters on urban water systems. Word Water Day wants to encourage governments, organizations, communities and individuals to cooperate to address the urban water management.

The wonder of clean water

Wouldn’t it be nice that one day every child opens the tap and has clean water flowing!


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