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I can't believe that I am just learning about World of Tanks now. This game is fantastic. There are realistic graphics, great action and it is really fun to play. Everyone can play it as well, for free. What's not to love?

The game is simple to start but it has many layers of complexity when you are ready. You are in charge of a tank. You drive around and shoot at things. Blow up other tanks, vehicles, buildings and more. This is a battle simulation that will really get your attention. Play for free on your home computer.

Controls are a little complicated at first. You must use the keyboard when driving. The mouse is used to aim. The left button fires. The arrow keys are used to re-orient the view so that you can see around and behind your position. Fire at various targets and blow them up. This is a classic battle game, made modern. The sound is excellent. The realistic noises add greatly to the experience.

This game is fairly complicated so some practice is advised. A tutorial is provided which helps when learning how to play. It is a combination of driving, turning and shooting. Various obstacles are presented as well. For example, there are swamps and hills to negotiate. When travelling through a swamp, speed and control are reduced. As can be imagined, it is not possible to climb up and over very large, or steep, hills. Trying just results in a stall condition. Backup, turn and try again at a different angle.

When the goals of the tutorial are met, the system says so. Move to a certain position, which is indicated on the game display map. Once there, follow the next instructions. At first, this will be aiming and shooting at targets. Some skill is needed. The keyboard key "W" moves the vehicle ahead. "S" moves it back. "A" goes left and "D" goes right. Practice. Notice that these keys are used by the left hand. It is possible to press multiple keys. For example, pressing "W" and "A" moves in the forward direction while turning to the left. More practice is necessary to become skilled with more than one key at once. When the keys are released, the action doesn't stop instantly. Depending on current speed, travel may continue for a second or so. This will be less of a bother with time.

When the tutorial is complete, an award is earned. This is in the form of game credits which can later be redeemed for game play items. It is possible to replay the exercise as many times as desired. Only the first will earn the credit, however. It is still a good idea to run it again as it will improve game control. Remember that in the real game, the enemy will be firing and action will be fast. Gaining early skill will definitely pay off later.[1]

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