World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Top 3 Best Looking Hunter Pets

The World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm has given the hunter class an amazing selection of new pets to tame. New pet families, new pet models and skins have hunters doing what they do best, hunt rare animals. What better trophy for a hunter in the World of Warcraft than a rare pet to display wherever they go. The options are so many most players will collect an entire stable full of pets for different uses and especially pets that have a unique looks.

The most unique looking pets in World of Warcraft are often very difficult to track down, and many hunters have spent a great deal of time finding and taming them. Some pets are so exotic that Hunters are required to have talents deep into the beast mastery tree in order for the new pet to be tamed.

The three best looking pets in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm are:

#1. Skoll


Found in the Stormpeaks of Northrend, Skoll is easily one of the most sought after hunter pets in World of Warcraft. Skoll is amazing for many reasons, unlike any other of the worg family pet models, Skoll does not get smaller after tamed and has lighting effect that surrounds him. Hunters eager to tame Skoll must be using the beast master talent tree and will have a large area to patrol in order to even have a chance to tame this pet.

#2 Loque'nahak



One of the most difficult pets to tame in World of Warcraft due to player competition, every hunter wants this spirit leopard. Found in the Sholazar Basin zone of Northrend, hunters will need to be using a beast master build to tame this beauty, but the hunt will be very difficult. Countless stories of hunters with attempts to tame Loque'nahak are all over the web, most involve hours upon hours of searching and some even into days.

#3 Karoma


New to the World of Wacraft, Karoma was introduced with the Cataclysm expansion and can be found in the Twilight Highlands. Beast master built hunters will once again be required to tame Karoma, like the others above. Hunters will find this magnificent beast usually patrolling the area between Bloodgulch and the Obsidian Forest. Competition for this pet is fierce, the last time a pet was tameable with this model or skin it was soon changed by Blizzard and thought to never be a tameable option again.