World of Warcraft is a amazing game with a large player base, and sooner or later you will have to interact with some of of them. Knowing the right things to say and do will help these conversations go a lot smoother and will leave you respected.

Chat Channels

For a start, not matter how desperate you are, don't ever beg for gold! It is the fastest way to be flamed and hated, and will really annoy people as well. Sell your gear, spend hours grinding, do whatever menial task necessary but don't ever stoop as low as to beg for gold. Even if you are lucky enough to get some, the abuse you will get in the meantime actually makes it more worthwhile for you to just got farm. You will get experience and possibly green, blue, or purple drops that can be auctioned or disenchanted, meaning in the long run you will be a lot more better off than if you just spent all day hanging around Orgrimmar begging.

If you are selling something, whether via the Auction House or just by a trade, don't constantly spam trade chat with the price of what you are selling, and what a good offer it is! It really irritates those that are chatting in guild or general having to wade through endless posts of “Come buy my <insert item here> for only <insert gold here>! Best deal on AH”. It is understandable that you want everyone coming into the zone you are in to see the deal, but waiting a bit between each post wont hurt as very few people enter and leave a zone in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but spamming in trade is more likely to get you ignored than sell your item, and being /ignored is bad for business!

Remember that when you are in general, trade, or looking for group that everyone in that zone can see what you are putting. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep personal arguments and discussions in whisper or party to avoid ridicule and unnecessary problems. However annoyed one person has made you feel, however nasty they have been towards you, /yelling “<Name> is gay!” in the middle of Stormwind is likely to get you reported.

If you see someone selling an item for a ridiculously high price, its best not to turn around and flame them in trade chat. There is a high chance that the person doing the selling is a new WoW player and therefore does not know as much about the Auction House as more experienced players. Rather than yelling at them, try whispering them to explain about how to use the Auction House to work out prices. If you are short of time, just /ignore for a while. This will make other players happy as well as not scaring the other guy off the game!

Dungeons and Pick Up Groups

Whilst a good dungeon can be rewarding and satisfying, doing a random dungeon with a pick up group can be stressful and demanding if you get even one person that doesn't follow by the rules. If you are new to dungeoning, this next section might be off use to you!

When starting a dungeon, make sure everyone knows the tactics for each boss. Alternatively, if you are new to dungeoning and have no idea what's ahead, go ahead and ask! In the long run, and especially in long runs, it is best if everyone knows from the beginning who is doing what and when to save problems and confusion later on in the run. Any good dungeon leader won't mind explaining the tactics, and if those in the dungeon are insulting, just leave. It is, however, a good idea to read up on tactics before you go into a dungeon if you can, so you have a rough idea what's going on.

Before starting an instance, confirm everybody's role within the group. Many players of hybrid classes like paladins and druids will be irritated if they sign up as dps and yet are expected to heal, so its a good idea to make sure everyone in the group knows the role they will be playing. If a druid or paladin offers to be a second tank or healer, that's all fine and good, but don't expect anything off of them other than what they have offered, as that can lead to arguments and people leaving the group.

Never, ever, run off to explore and come back trailing half the dungeons trash mobs behind you. I have done this before, in a group with friends, and was very lucky that firstly the group was a fantastically well co-ordinated one, with a superb healer. Yes Kayler, I'm talking about you! I was also lucky that my friends knew me enough to know that I was absolutely mortified and bringing us so close to a wipe, and you can rest assured I will never do it again. Leading mobs back to the rest of your party is not just likely to end up with you killed, but with the rest of your party dead to, and they will probably vote to kick you, especially if you do it repeatedly. So, let the tank go first, and if you are the tank make sure you keep with the rest of the group so that you can pull in an organised way and avoid a wipe!

I am close friends with many people whose main characters rely almost solely on mana, and so therefore I am the brunt of quite a few of their rants when the rest of the group has run off and left them whilst they are having a necessary mana break. Playing a hunter, I find it hard to see the importance of it and believe that anyone with a quarter of the mana bar still blue is doing well, however I am reliably informed that this is not the case! So, when in a dungeon, make sure all your spell-casters are full up on mana, and if you are a spell-caster, don't forget to shout “Mana break!” whenever you need to!

Last but not least, don't ever ninja loot! Always check what people need before looting, and if it is something several people need make sure everyone involved rolls on it fairly. Also, wait until all the mobs are killed before looting. If it is a quest run, and several people need items, work out before the dungeon what order people will in and whether or not you will need to run it twice. Loot distribution is one of the most important things about a dungeon run, and it is important that everyone gets a fair chance in getting what they need.

That's about it, really. Above all, use your common sense to decide the right way to act in situations. If it seems wrong or stupid, don't do it! To be honest, conversations and interactions in WoW are very similar to those in real life; use your judgement on whether or not something is likely to upset or irritate someone, and if you think it will, don't say it! WoW is a great game with great people, and on that note goodbye, I have Tol Barad dailies yet to do!