For about 300 million years sharks have reigned supreme as the kings of the deep blue see. When I was still a youngster, I saw the movie JAWS. Just the thought of a shark makes me shiver. And then that music plays in my head… doo doom, doo doom doo doom

Man who enters there domain, does so at own risk – except where beaches are protected by nets. Just last week, a 28 year old man, was bitten in Mozambique. He said he was about 6 meter from the shoreline, in a depth of 1 meter, when he felt something bump into him. He could not see what it was, because the water was not clear that day. Then he felt it for the second time, so he decided to swim back to shore. Then the shark attacked, biting him four times. The shark ripped flesh from his back, arm and waist. The guy managed to get away and people on the beach called for help. The beach had no nets.

During the 25 years before nets were erected of Durban beaches in 1952 there were 22 attacks on bathers; since there have been none. Sharks must move constantly to survive. A continuous current of water, must pass through the mouth and gill slits for essential breathing process.

When a shark is about to bite, the upper part of the head is flexed by its back muscles, the jaws are the protruded, with the teeth of the lower jaw pointing forward. At the point of impact the upper jaws clams shut. Sharks are often assumed to have small brains. (Like in the movie, I think it was Deep Blue, where they increased the brain size of the great whites… scary thought) and limited behavior skills. But this theory has been proved wrong.

There is round about 300 species of sharks. From the smallest that grows up to 12cm in strength, to the largest – harmless whale shark – that reaches 12 meters in length.

The Great White, White Death or Blue Pointer Shark is a hunter of large sea mammals – seals, dolphins and whales. The Great Whites maximum length is 5 – 7 meters.

The Mako – a shiny blue shark with a pointed snout, large eyes and smooth owl-like teeth can reach up to 3 meters.

The Tiger Shark is blotched with partial banding on its back and a wide head, with teeth protruding from its mouth can reach 2 – 3 meters.

The Great Hammerhead, is normally not a treat to man because its got a small mouth can reach 3 – 4 meters

So my advice to you is, please swim where the beaches are protected with shark nets. The nets are not there for nothing. They can safe your life. I think you would swim faster than

Michael Phelps when you see a fin of a Great White appears next to you. Imagine!