Get the Most Out of Worldmark the Club

Like most Worldmark the Club owners, you most likely bought into the vacation ownership program not knowing exactly how well it works or what you were doing.  For many owners they still aren't getting as much from the program as they hoped.  The good news is; this is a wonderful program that can help you live the life you want for you and your family.  It comes down to education, so with my years of experience getting the most out of my ownership, I have created a quick guide to success for Worldmark owners.


The number one complaint is, "I can never get into _____, it is always full."  You can fill in the blank with the name of many properties, whether it's one of the four in Hawaii or Anaheim on a holiday.  The availability issue is inevitable due to the flexibility allowed to the owners, however if you are willing to learn a few tips you can maximize your chances.

The furthest out you can book is 13 months before your check-in date.  For some properties you may just want to wake-up at 6 am 13 months in advance and book it.  If you that seems crazy, think of all the people who must be doing that for it to be full so fast.  

At 90 days prior to check-in you are able to book less than a week.  A lot of owners are canceling and changing reservations on that day so use that as a good day to find some newly available space.  If you are a last minute traveler the required cancellation dates 30 days prior and 10 days prior.  People are procrastinations and don't cancel till they have to, so 30 days and 10 days prior to check-in start looking.  Remember, one mans cancellation is another mans availability.  


The number one way to get into those hard to get properties is by asking to be put on the waitlist.  It is shocking to me how many owners don't even know this option exists.  I've been told 40% of all reservations will cancel. That means that if you are on the list you have a 40% greater chance that you will get in.

They will even tell you your odds of getting in by telling you what level your on:

Level 1= 95%          Level 2= 50%          Level 3= 20%

Bonus Time

You have at your fingertips an unlimited amount of discounted condos, even if you dont have the credits for it.  Bonus time allows you to pay cash instead of use credits anytime the reservation is booked within 14 days of the stay and if you are only booking 1-4 nights.  The cost is $.05/credit so if the cost would have been 1000 credits you will have the option of paying $50 instead.  Use this for your weekend getaways so you have your credits for the big stuff.

Fun time is a Travelshare benefit, you may or may not have this option.  Fun time allows you to book 21-42 days in advance for $.06/credit and you can book up to 6 nights at a time.  A little more expensive but well worth it for the convenience.  

Wyndham vs. Worldmark

This is a topic of much confusion.  To set the record straight, Worldmark the club is owned by me, you and the rest of the people who bought credits.  Wyndham does not own Worldmark, they are the developer.  This means that they build us new property, and in return we buy credits from them.  The extra benefits of being involved with a company that is a giant in the travel agency is the exchange power we have in RCI and the Travelshare benefits.

RCI for Worldmark

RCI allows us to visit the rest of the world and even nicer resorts then we are used to.  I use RCI way more than Worldmark properties for a few reasons; availability is superior, resorts are nicer, many more location, and it even saves me credits in many cases.

The one downside is the exchange fee, but if I'm staying in Disney's Boardwalk Villas that rents out for  $5,000/week in a 2 bedroom condo, I could care less about a $179 fee.  If you are a little flexible on dates, you can find yourself in some the most prestigious properties on earth.

The credit costs are as follows

Studio=8,000        1 bd=9,000        2 bd=10,000         3 bd=12,000    Anything 45 days or less=4,000

Those rates are fixed, so even if it's in Disney or Hilton it's the same.

There are some extra benefits to RCI if you are in the Travelshare program.  You do not have to pay the annual membership fee and you will be able to book less than a week at over 900 of the resorts in RCI.  A pretty big deal if you like to do short trips.


Depending on if you bought your credits from Trendwest of Wyndham you might have Travelshare attached to your ownership.  If you are an original Trendwest owner then you will need to add credits to your account in order to get these benefits.  In my opinion it is well worth it.

For starters, you have the added RCI benifits and Fun time, both I have already discussed.  The big benefits to Travelshare is; they do everything for you through one travel agent.  Travelshare allows you to use your credits for airfare, cruises, car rentals, entertainment, tours and more.  For example, if you want to go to Paris, they can book you round trip flights, find a resort, and get you transportation to and from the airport.  

It takes your ownership from, "Oh ya, lets try and use our Worldmark thingy." to "I would love to go to____________. I'm going to call Travelshare and make it happen."  

Imagine how many more trips you can take if your Timeshare can not only be a place for you to sleep but can also fly you there at no additional cost.  


Remember, after every trip you go on with Worldmark, go home and see what it would have cost you in cash if you weren't an owner.  If you use it properly there is no better way to travel.  Comment bellow if you have any other questions I would be more than happy to answer them.