Five Extreme Paths

Hiking is certainly a fascinating outdoor sport enjoyed by a large number of people around the world. However, there are many extremely dangerous paths that barely the bravest would attempt.

If you are an adventure aficionado, you should try at least one of the five most dangerous paths described below. These trails will offer you with a number of challenges and excitements, for sure. 


El Caminito Del Rey Path

The Del Ray Path, also recognized as ‘King's Pathway’, was formerly built in 1905 for personnel to move between two hydroelectric power plants, but was sealed in 2000 following the deaths of two workers. It meanders its way along the cliff edges in El Chorro Gorge, situated 45 km away from Malaga. 



El Caminito Del Rey PathCredit:

A temporary wire has now been fastened along the rock-face that walkers can hook themselves on, but several still favor not to use protections at all. Besides, you don't have to be a skilled rock climber to enjoy the path; the only necessities are that climbers should be at least 12 year old and have an excellent head for heights.[5]


Huashan Cliffside Path

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Huashan Mountain is situated close to the Ordos Loop sector of the Yellow River basin in China. It is small segment of the Qin Ling Mountain Range, which splits not only northern and southern Shaanxi, but also China. The most notorious path in this mountain range is Huashan Cliffside Path, which was firstly constructed in 3rd century A.D., and with consecutive development, largely during the Tang Dynasty. 

The intrinsic danger of many of the uncovered, slim walkways with steep drops gave the Huashan Cliffside Path a justified status for danger. Despite the protection measures commenced by cutting deeper walkways and constructing stone steps and wider trails, as well as adding barriers, deaths still continued to happen.[2]


School Along 5,000 ft Cliff Ledge

pah towards schoolCredit:

For almost all parents the school-run may appear dangerous, but it typically involves a quick drive or stroll to the entrance of the school.

Therefore, spare a thought for the Gulucan rural community in West China, who risk their lives each day with a school-walk which involves navigating a slim path engraved into a 5,000-ft cliff-side.

It is the only path they can get to the school, which with its five classrooms is acknowledged as the best building in the village.[3]


Roche Veyrand Path

Roche Veyrand PathCredit:

There are 120 via ferratas in France varying from trouble-free to tremendously difficult. One of them is Roche Veyrand, which is situated in St Pierre d'Entremont, in the Rhone-Alpes section, and elongates towards the south-eastern division of the nation. The entrance of the trail is located in a parking lot close to the Cozon River at Saint-Pierre d'Entremont.

The entire path is divided into two parts; the first is reasonably difficult and appropriate for guided trainees while the second one is only for highly trained hikers that will climb up to the peak at 1,300 meters. Good climbing skills and a reasonable level of health are mandatory for those hoping to finish the whole loop. [1]



Yueyang's New Paths

Yueyang's New Paths

Thanks to China's marvelous soldiers who are risking their lives to construct a fascinating path 300 m above the ground. With negligible protection harness and a ledge to hold them up, the soldiers are constructing hundreds of meters of cliff trails, just one meter wide, in Yueyang.

The material for the trails is mixed at ground level and pulled up in a temporary cable car. Tourists will be fortunate because by the time this breathtaking pathway is open for them, it will also have a guardrail.[4]

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