World's Five Most Extreme Bridges

The Immortal Bridge

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Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural importance situated north of the city of Taian, in China. It is one of the "Five Great Mountains” of China, and is often considered the frontmost of the five. As you move up the mountain you will encounter an amazing bridge- The Immortal Bridge.

The Immortal Bridge consists of three giant rocks and numerous minor ones. Underneath it is a valley and to the south is an apparently bottomless chasm. No one knows rather when these huge rocks fell down to their present position but it is quite expected they have been in this manner since the most recent ice age.[1]


The Konitsa Bridge

The Konitsa BridgeCredit:

The Konitsa Bridge is certainly an exceptional bridge owing to its location and structure. It was constructed in 1871 by spending 120.00 Turkish Liras. It was the second endeavor to bridge the Aoos River from the time when the first one designed by Turkish engineers collapsed. The material used in its construction was stone, and the mortar constituted of ceramic tiles, lime, sand, pumice, dry grass, water, and animal hair.

The Konitsa Bridge is quite narrow, just 2 meter wide. It is curved similar to most of the Epirus Bridges. The road is cobblestoned, and when it rises up precipitously, there is a thick stair with a slope rising. The Konitsa Bridge had a bell underneath, which rings with motion of the winds that come out of the Aoos valley. [2]


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Carrick-a-Rede Rope BridgeCredit:

This Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge bridge is a rope suspension bridge close to the city of Ballintoy, Northern Ireland. It connects the mainland to the small Carrick Island. Besides, it spans 20 m and is 30 m above the rocks below, and it is being preserved by the ‘National Trust’.

Conventionally, some fishermen built this bridge to keep an eye on their salmon nets. This rope bridge firstly consisted of single rope guardrail that has now been transformed into two hand railed bridge by the National Trust.

Near the bridge, there are wonderful vantage spots to stop and enjoy the nature. The flora and fauna in Carrick-a-Rede have won recognition as a region of exceptional scientific attention. Once you arrive at Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, the reward is witnessing the diverse birdlife and an unremitting view across Rathlin Island. Moreover, lots of tourists come over here just to face the rope bridge challenge. [3]



Royal Gorge Bridge


No other bridge has ever been more related with being the ‘World’s Highest’ than the Royal Gorge bridge situated in the U.S. state of Colorado. Built in 1929, the bridge was the ‘highest suspension bridge in the world for almost 75 years with a road 955 feet above the Arkansas River.

With an overall length of 1,258 feet, the bridge is supported with the cording of two cables, each one with 2,100 wire strands, and the two huge towers, 150 feet and 110 feet in height.

Apart from the bridge, the sight around represents over a dozen beautiful spots that can keep you busy for an entire day. However, with over a thousand pieces of woods of Oregon fir, the slim deck is strange for having no vertical hardening truss, causing some evident shakes and rattles from any automobile that moves across.[4]


Inca Rope Bridge

Inca Rope BridgeCredit:

Inca Rope Bridges were pretty amazing suspension bridges, which were constructed over valleys and chasms to access the Inca Empire. Bridges of this kind were actually appropriate for Inca people as they did not use wheeled transportation, and the traffic was restricted to walkers and cattle. These bridges were an essential part of the Inca road system and are an incredible illustration of Inca novelty in engineering. 

The Incas used ordinary fibers found in the local plants to build these bridges. These fibers were rushed together producing a strong rope to make a cable floor. Every side of the floor was then fastened to stone-anchors placed on each side of the chasm. After that, enormous cables of woven grass were used to connect the two pylons of the bridge together.[5]

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