World's Five Most Mysterious Places

It is the character of human to broaden his prospects and conquer unexplored territories. But even in this time of advanced technology, there are places in our planet that still challenge some explanation. It’s very bad that human doesn’t live long, because we could utilize some details regarding such mysterious spots. These places are packed with secrets and enjoyment yet to be revealed.

Here are explained world’s top five places that are still a mystery for human beings. 

spotted lake

Spotted Lake

Spotted lakeCredit:

Situated close to the city of Osoyoos, Canada, Spotted Lake attracts visitors from all over the world. The Spotted Lake is not the outcome of someone’s too vibrant thoughts but of the several mineral deposits in it such as magnesium, calcium and sodium sulfates.

 During the summer, as the water of Spotted Lake evaporates, it leaves behind the minerals, which obtain the contour of pools. Each pool has a different shade, according to the kind and concentration of the minerals, making the lake a unique sight to watch.

Moreover, its curative powers are not to be taken flippantly. The natives of the Oskogan, since ancient time, have considered this Lake a divine place that healed their each disease. It encloses 365 pools of various minerals and of different shapes, sizes and depths. 



Rio Tinto River

Rio Tinto RiverCredit:

When one takes notice of Spain, one hurriedly thinks about bull fights, matadors, and delicious dishes. At the slightest, a person certainly won’t compare Spain to the planet Mars. However, this comparison is precisely what will come into your mind once you know about Rio Tinto , which is one of the most mysterious places on earth.

Located in the southwestern region of Spain, Rio Tinto River contains red and acidic waters. It owes its oxidized appearance to the several minerals, including iron. The high acidity, however, keeps public away from its waters, but pulls scientists in. It is found that ‘Extremophile Aerobic' bacteria makes its water acidic, which feed on iron and sulfide minerals available in the river's subsurface rocks.

The Red River is often considered the originator of both the Copper Age and Bronze Age. The natives started mining this river in 3000 BCE. Its mines were deserted for hundreds of years until revived and functioned by the Spanish government in 1724.


Blue Hole
Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole

If you ever come by close to the shore of Belize, you shouldn’t abandon a chance to visit the Great Blue Hole, one of the world’s most exclusive natural wonders. Snuggled in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll of Belize is the Great Blue Hole, a huge underwater straight-down cave that measures 984 feet in diameter and 407 feet deep.

 It was formed during numerous events of quaternary glaciation when sea levels were much lower. With its stunning, clear water and the diversity of marine life inhabiting in its depths, the giant blue hole is a popular scuba diving destination.[4]

Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima

At that forest-covered spot of northern South America, where international borders of Venezuela, British Guiana and Brazil contact each other angularly, is Mt. Roraima, renowned among travelers and explorers. It is a giant wall of red rock that go up like a reddish tree stem, 1,500 ft completely above the adjacent plateau and altogether some 8,500 ft. above sea level.

Mountain 2

Explored around 125 years before, Mount Roraima looks like an enormous citadel above the clouds.  The first explorers who reached the peak of the plateau returned with a surfeit of new plant and species, and avowed that no area of equivalent size has yet yielded larger botanical and zoological discoveries as Roraima.  [1]

Kunlun Mountain

Kunlun Mountain

The Kunlun Mountains span around 1,250 miles, moving east to west. It forms a natural barricade between the Tibetan Plateau to the south and the Taklamakan desert to the north. At about the middle, the range splits, with the Altun range dividing off to the northeast. The Kunluns are slim at the eastern end, broadening as the range moves westward.

Also named ‘the Gate of Hell’, this is a meticulous valley where folks enter without hopes of ever joining up with their dear ones. Those who were fortunate to come back have reported to have witnessed remains of furs, bones and skeletons of animals and hunters. There are also abandoned tombs found in arbitrary regions.

A popular tale surrounding this valley circles around, a herdsman who went into the valley to get his horses; they vanished bafflingly around the region. The horses were found several days later but the herdsman was not so blessed. He was found dead, riveting his shotgun, and with garments torn off. There were not even single sign, though, that he had been assaulted.[3]

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