Start by removing the silverskin from the tenderloin with a sharp knife.  Insert the knife under the silverskin and cut upwards and away like you are peeling the membrane off but from the inside.  Repeat two or three times until all of the silverskin is gone.  Don’t worry if the knife work isn’t pretty; nobody will notice by the time you are done.   

Prepare a brine by dissolving one eighth of a cup of salt and two tablespoons of sugar into one quart of water.  Put the tenderloin in a zip-top plastic bag and pour the brine over the meat.  Seal the bag and place in the refrigerator for four to six hours.

While the brine is working its magic you can prepare your stuffing.  Some great stuffing ideas are a spinach and cheese mixture (will give a beautiful presentation) and a mix of caramelized onions with apples and raisins (a classic fall pairing with pork).  Whatever you decide to use must not contain large or medium sized pieces as we need to wrap the pork around the filling.   

Remove the tenderloin from the brine and pat dry.  Butterfly the tenderloin by inserting your knife halfway through the meat and slicing along the length of the meat being careful to make sure you do not cut the meat into two separate pieces.   Place the butterflied meat between two sheets of wax paper and pound it to a uniform thickness of approximately one quarter of an inch.  You can use a mallet to pound the meat or a heavy skillet.  By the time you are done the meat will be about 12 inches in diameter.

Apply a thin layer of your stuffing across the entire surface of the flattened meat.  Now take one long edge of the meat and tightly roll it onto itself.  Season the surface of the stuffed and rolled tenderloin liberally with salt and pepper and place it in the refrigerator to rest for an hour.  Alternately you could season with your favorite bbq dry rub

Grill the tenderloin over indirect heat for about twenty minutes or until an instant read thermometer indicates an internal temperature of 145F.  During the last five minutes of grilling apply a light glaze of your favorite barbecue sauce. 

Remove the meat from the grill and allow it to stand for five to ten minutes before slicing.  When ready, slice the pork tenderloin into pinwheels and serve with potato salad and baked beans.