WorldVentures is an online travel consulting company and business opportunity. WorldVentures sells memberships that allow partners to have their own travel booking website that is part of the Rovia travel booking system. WorldVentures also offers a membership called Dream Trips which allows the members to purchase vacations cheaper due to the buying power of the group. The travel website is not the only way to make money with WorldVentures, as they also offer a referral program.

I was a member of WorldVentures for a few months. When I joined, I only joined the referral program under someone who was a full member. The referral program at the time cost $99 to join and $10 per month to remain a member. I wanted to try out the program first before I spent over $200 to be a full member and be able to have my own travel booking site. After a few months in the program, I found it to be a hard sell for a number of reasons. I have been active in the affiliate marketing field for many years now, and I found it hard to charge people to have their own travel booking website when they can accomplish the same thing by joining an affiliate program for larger travel partners such as Expedia. It's also hard to convince people to use your "no-name" travel website when they can get the same pricing from a brand name site they know and trust. WorldVentures is not technically a pyramid scheme, and it's not just a scam as some people would think. It is a legitimate business oppturnity for the right person. I just personally could not see paying a large fee up front and almost a hundred dollars a month to try and convince people to use my travel site or join the WorldVentures business under me in the hope that they could either sell travel or recruit other people.

WorldVentures has grown quite large, and some people have found great success with the program. My experience was not a long one and I can be faulted for that. However, knowing how affiliate marketing works gave me knowledge that many other partners may not have, such as the ability to partner with large travel websites for free and still earn a commission on bookings.

The only part of WorldVentures that I did think might be worthwhile was their DreamTrips program, which allows you to join the program and select from a group of vacations that is available at a discounted rate. This does seem like a very good program. Unfortunately, I think there are simply not many people in the current economy who can afford the monthly payment to stay in the DreamTrips program.

My biggest complaint about WorldVentures is the way it is sold to you. The whole training program consists of calling everyone you know and telling them you found this awesome business you want to tell them about, but you can't do it over the phone. They want you to somehow get these people to a meeting or an online video so the professionals can sell them on the program. I personally found this to be rude. If someone called me and said they had this great news to share with me, but they couldn't talk to me right now about it, but wanted me to view a presentation online or go to a meeting, I would think it was a scam. It reminds me too much of an Amway consultant one time flat out lying to me about what our "meeting" was going to be about.

Again, WorldVentures is not a scam, but the way it is presented I think turns a lot of people off. They don't release the number of members who join and quit quickly, but I would imagine it is quite high. As with any business opportunity, you should do your homework before buying anything. If someone is trying to hard sell you, it may be because they are selling is hard to sell!