Are you worried that you might have a problem with marijuana? Do you find yourself getting high too often, or at least, wanting to get high, so much that you realized "wait a minute - this is starting to feel more like a habit than something I do for fun!"

Like addiction to anything, when it takes a hold on you, it can creep up and become a problem before anyone notices. If you suspect you have a problem with marijuana, review the questions and points below and think about them in regards to your life. I can't give you the answers, but I can get you to think about what's best for you, and from there, it's up to you to decide if help for marijuana addiction is necessary.

5 Question to Ask Yourself About Your Marijuana Use

1. Does marijuana use contribute or take away towards your goals?

Do you think that using marijuana helps you get where you want to be in life? Does it have a positive effect over all or a negative effect? Or does it have no effect either way?

2. Do you want to be smoking regularly when you are 50 years old?

If you get high every day now, and can't imagine - to be frank about it - not getting high every day, what makes you think anything will change? If no action is taken, it won't. Do you really want to be getting high every day when you are 50 years old? What sort of effect is that going to have on your lungs and overall health? Do you think it'll be fun hiding this sort of thing from your grand children?

3. Does it bother you to think of all the money you've spent on weed?

Think if you are spending $50 a week on some decent quality marijuana. That will give you about 3.5 grams, or what's called an 8th. Smoking habitually its likely for someones habit to meet this amount of weed in a week. That's $200 a month, and over $2400 a year. What else could you do with that money? Well, for one, it would make a fantastic nest egg to supply you with all the money you need for decades of retirement. And that's just one idea...

Does that bother you?

4. Can you stop right now if you wanted to?

This is a serious question to ask. If the answer is no, what does that mean about you having a problem or not having a problem? And if the answer is a weak "But I don't want to stop....". well - why don't you want to stop?

5. Do you need marijuana to feel normal?

Does hanging out with friends or doing whatever it is you like to do - would these activities be OK without being high? If the answer is that something serious would be missing, then it might be time to scrutinize your usage of the drug and consider whether or not you want it to play such a large role in your life.