If you are concerned that your husband  having emotional affair, you should be. Not to scare you but these types of affairs are more prone to end in divorce than the kind that are just physical. If your husband is actually forming feelings for someone else, it can end very badly.

There are many things that you can do to try and determine if this is the case or if you are just imagining it. Try to remember too that some of the signs I'm about to give you can also be perfectly innocent so don't jump off the handle and start making accusations. If you do jump to conclusions and start throwing around accusations, you may well really make an impossible to overcome rift in your relationship.

Rather use these tips as possible warning signs and a good indication that the two of you need to have a conversation.

One thing to be on the lookout for is any change in behavior. If your husband suddenly seems very concerned with his appearance or has started to work out it could mean that he is trying to impress someone. This is especially true if you have always encouraged him to workout or dress better and he just didn't seem interested. Also, pay attention to when he seems to care more about his appearance.

If something is going on at work he will worry more about the way he looks at work, but if he hasn't changed his habits when he isn't at work, say on the weekends, that would be very suspicious behavior.  That is one very common sign of husband having emotional affair.

Another thing to watch for is if he suddenly acts secretive and paranoid with his phone or his computer. That is s good sign that he has something he is hiding from you. Hopefully the only thing he is hiding from  you is your anniversary gift, but you might still want to dig deeper.

One last thing to keep on the lookout for is if he suddenly starts talking about a female co worker a lot. It might be completely innocent but better safe than sorry, if he starts doing this, it might be time for a talk.

Husband having emotional affair is nothing to take lightly, but it's also not something you need to panic over.  The sooner you can recognize the signs and work on your marriage the better your chances of saving your marriage. Just use it as a start to improving your marriage.