In a globalised economy where work is continually being outsourced to countries with cheaper labour, we often find ourselves worrying about losing our jobs and how to earn more money to fight growing inflation. The Internet has also lowered entry barriers across several industries such as web design and stock photography, resulting in departments being shrunk in favor of outsourcing to save costs. No wonder there is an increasing number of people suffering from clinical depression!

But do all these worrying help to improve their financial conditions? NO! In fact, many people subconsciously use worry as a form of disguise for not taking action. Instead of finding ways to make more money, they try to reduce their quality of living by saving ruthlessly - eating junk food and watching more TV - and destroying their health and confidence along the way!

Are you depressed because of all these worrying too? Then it's time to stop sabotaging yourself and start healing your mind and body. You can even earn some cash while doing that! The key is to start slowly and not try to do too many things at once, or you will find it hard to stick to them.

Here are 3 ways to bounce back and even reap some cash:

  • Keep a Diary (Zero Income) OR Write for Infobarrel (Passive Income!)
    Writing is probably the easiest and cheapest way to release pressure and identify the real causes of your worry. You'll understand yourself better and may even come up with interesting techniques to conquer worry. Start a journal now or even better still, share your techniques by writing articles for Infobarrel and earn some affiliate cash along the way!
  • Engage in a Hobby (Zero Income) OR Make Something and Sell Online (Active/Passive Income!)
    Making things is a therapeutic activity which can take your attention away from worrying. If you are good at certain crafts, try selling what you have made on sites such as or If you are an illustrator or graphic designer, sites such as and will help to promote your work and enable you to make some passive income too!
  • Take Small Risks and Be Entrepreneurial (PRICELESS)
    It is often said that you need to change the way you think in order to change the way you act. For some people (like myself), though, the opposite may work better. Taking some risks jolts me from my personal worries and forces me to engage in creative thinking. One such form of risk-taking is entrepreneurship. But I am not talking about starting up a multinational corporation or a second Google. Instead, do something small and hopefully reap some monetary rewards that will boost your confidence and lift yourself up from your depressing moods. Start an ecommerce store on Yahoo or if you are enticed by the passive income that can be made from selling mobile apps, why not try your hand at developing an iPhone app? You can always outsource the app development work if you do not have any programming experience! So stop finding excuses to worry and start earning!