Chilimac - Oldie and a not-so-goodie

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I am a cook in the US Army, and when we are in garrison, we find ourselves cooking the same items on a regular basis.  Sometimes we get to change it up, but as a whole, we are required to follow the recipe card exactly.  As a result, when you eat at an Army quality dining facility, you get the same product.  Cooks want to "flex" and make the product a little different, tase a little better, or have a little more flavor.  However, a good shift leader, first cook or DFAC manager will keep his or her eye out, and will prevent that from happening.  Non-cooks should know that the Army sets these standard recipe cards to limit cost, control nutrition and prevent allergens.  That however, leads to food that is not always great, and this is my opinion on the worst foods in the Army DFAC. [4553]

10 - El Rancho Stew

9 - Savory Baked Chicken

8 - Onion-Lemon Baked Fish

7 - Hamburger Yakisoba

6 - Chili Macaroni

5 - Pork Adobo

4 - Pineapple Chicken

3 - Beef Pie with Biscuit Topping

2 - Fish Amandine

1 - Breaded Liver

The first few times I ate ChiliMac, Savory Baked Chicken and Pork Adobo, it wouldn't have made this list.  However, my experience in the DFAC has shown me that those are made so incredibly often, that they indeed deserve a spot on this list.  It's much like a song on top 40 radio.  It is okay for the first day or two.  Two weeks later, after you've heard it a hundred and fifty thousand times, it gets old and tiresome.

Yes, breaded liver is an authorized army entree. Imagine going down the serving line and deciding between Country Fried Steak, Rosemary Baked Chicken and Breaded Liver. REALLY!? Breaded Liver? Would anyone enjoy that selection?  I would love to hear fromsomeone who thinks that breaded liver is a wonderful selection.

Am I wrong? Do you disagree with my selections? Do you think there is something worse than these 10? Have you never tried any of these? Let me know. Also, coming soon are the 10 best Army meals.  If you have an idea of what should go on that list, let me know!