Some comic book villains are the types that can make a younger audience have nightmares. The joker is the best example with his maniacal ways for no other reason than he enjoys chaos. Magneto, the charismatic leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with the ability to control metal and bring some of the "baddest" characters in comic books to his side. Galactus eats worlds and that is all that you really need to know about how nightmarish an encounter with such a being would be. There are other villains however that are more laughable than scary or anything else close to scary. Here are the worst villains to ever appear in a comic book.

Crazy Quilt (DC)

Bat-Man has some of the best villains ever created, but Crazy Quilt is not one of them. The artist by the name of Paul Decker was a talented artist and a criminal at the same time. After a gunshot which left him blind he went through a procedure that restored his vision with one little catch. The world is now full of bright colors which drove him mad. His weapons of choice are as ridiculous as his costume. Crazy Quilt uses his helmet to hypnotize people with the use of colors. He also shoots bright lights that can leave people blind… Really scary, don’t you think? We didn’t think so either.

Crazy Quilt

Stilt-Man (Marvel)

Poor Stilt-Man never had a successful career as a criminal from his first appearance in Daredevil #8 all the way through the Marvel Civil War when the Punisher put him out of his misery. He never succeeded much in his time as a super villain except for once defeating Spider-Man only to suffer defeat at the hands Daredevil in the next few pages. He even became an assassin for hire, but failed at that too.


Doctor Spectro (DC)

Spectro or Tom Emery is living proof that just because you have the title of Doctor it does not mean that you have to stick to decent looking scrubs. He made his first appearance in Captain Atom #70 but was a complete waste of ink in several bright colors. Spectro is very similar to Crazy Quilt in that he wears a colorful costume and uses colors for his evil-doing. At least DC recognizes that the good doctor is a funny looking villain with the Arrow family repeatedly giving him the title of the worst costume for a super villain. Of course “super” villain is giving Spectro a little too much credit.

Doctor Spectro

The Fiddler (DC)

So every time that a comic book character meets his/her demise there are always a few people who feel like the character was not given too much of a chance, but it is hard to find anyone who does not think that this character had a run that was too long. He does not use colors like Quilt and Spectro to do evil, instead he uses his music. His violin (that’s right, his weapon is a violin) produces hypnotic sounds and sound waves that can destroy stuff. He also drove around in a violin of “Fiddler-Mobile”.


Man-Ape (Marvel)

No wonder the Black Panther can have time to be an Avenger. With villains like Man-Ape you can leave Wakanda’s doors wide open and a Chihuahua in charge. Ok that is an exaggeration, he is actually a very good warrior, but with a costume like his you cannot help to make a little fun of the guy. Man-Ape hated the changes T’Challa made when he came back from being an Avenger so he felt the need to challenge him. He had the Panther defeated but he crushed himself while trying to crush the Panther. He has superhuman everything from strength to reflexes and stamina, but his costume is funny so here he is right next to Stilt-Man.