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Worst Pets - Some Animals Not To Consider When Thinking About A Pet

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Almost everyone wants a pet.  Some people even have multiple pets.  I am sure you have read of the lod woman with the 52 cats.  Hopefully you don’t want to go to that extreme, for those of you looking for the perfect pet, lets look at some you definitely don’t want to buy.



 These hearty beasts can weigh over 2000 pounds.  Depending on the species, they will have one or two horns.  Their horns are only made of hair, but they can still be used as a weapon against you.  They are big, fast on their feet, and easily angered.  Again, you could probably find enough to feed them, as they mainly eat fibrous leafy material.  But it will be a hassle hauling it all around.  Their hide is thick and tough, so they won't be able to feel it when you pet them.


Wild Boar(62497)

Wild Boar

These animals can grow up to 700 pounds. They are mostly vegetarian, but have been known to eat frogs, lizards, and insects.  They have tusks that are sharp and they will use them against you.  They have been known to keep a wolf at bay.

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

These are the most dangerous herbivores in Africa.  Big and with sharp horns, they have to be able to fight over lions and hyenas to survive.  If you do buy one, make sure you don’t buy more than one.  If one of these is animals is taken by a lion or a hunter, the rest of the herd has been known to come back and fight the attacker.




We see these animals in the circus, and watch National Geographic where we see then being used as beasts of burden, but we definitely don’t want one of these as a pet.  They can be gentle animals, but can turn on someone just because they are in a bad mood.  They also can spend 16 hours a day eating.  That doesn't leave you much time to play with them.  The elephant can eat up to 600 pounds of food a day.  You will either need a big backyard to grow all that, or you will be hauling a truckload of food in a couple of times a week.


Great White Sharks

Great White Shark(62503)

These animals can grow up to 20 feet and up to 5000 pounds.  They would be too big for the average pool.  If you did find a pool to fit it, you probably wouldn’t want to go swimming while it was there, and it would make pool parties very difficult.  It is the animal that has the most recorded number of attacks of humans.




 I am sure you could probably find enough food for these.  Some of them live on bamboo, others on grasses or insects.  Some species are relatively immobile.  But they can be over 500 pounds.  They would definitely scare the neighbors, unless that is your goal.


Hooded Pitohui

Hooded Pitochui

This bird is one you don’t want as a pet, even if you are a bird lover.  It is from New Guinea and just touching its feathers and skin will cause a reaction.  It eats a beetle that distributes a poison throughout its body.  It and its close relatives are the first documented poisonous birds.


Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog

This little fellow is the right size to keep as a pet.  Some of the species only grow to .6 inches big, while others get up to 2.5 inches.  They are very colorful, and can come in different colors.   But these frogs are the only animals in the world that can kill you just by you touching them.  If they are born and raised in captivity, they are not poisonous, but do you want to take the chance?


These are a few of the animals that you don’t want as pets.  It is usually best to stick with the traditional animals, as you can ask your friends for recommendations.



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I think you saved me from making a terrible mistake!
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