Few of us are lucky enough not to need every penny we make out of our property sale; with most of us requiring the money to finance a move. There is a line between good and bad renovations and many individuals decrease the value of their property by making simple errors. Your home could well command a higher price by avoiding these renovation traps. Over the next two months, I will try and cover some of the problems house sellers can encounter:

1. One of the main drawbacks as a seller is floor space, a potential buyer is not going to look twice at your house if the rooms look and feel congested with no space to move. Rearrange your furniture and store excess items from rooms, so you can create at least the appearance of space, you won't be disappointed. Access problems around the house are another area you need to consider, when you need to go through rooms to access other areas of the house such as bathrooms, it can have a negative impact on the individuals viewing your property.

2. DIY could be a problem if it was done badly, remember the 70s? Period features such as lighting, fireplaces and plasterwork are a definite no-no, as is stone cladding unless it is in keeping with the age of the house. If there is DIY in your house make sure it is not falling apart, but primarily make sure it blends well the the house itself. Laminate floors may look great and be simple to clean but they definitely don't suit a Victorian house, just as plump, heavily upholstered furniture and lots of ornamentation wouldn't suit a modern apartment. If you want to build an extension to your home, do not use up all your outdoor space, individuals like to have an outdoor area they can relax or even have friends round for a B-B-Q.

3. If you want to put buyers off then neglect the roof at your peril, no-one is going to want to invest lots of their hard earned cash on a roof just after moving in. As a buyer, if you walk into a house and see leaks on the ceiling or hear an inspector mention that the roof is bad, you'd likely take that home off your short list right away. Before trying to sell your house, check your roof for problems or get in an expert to give you their viewpoint.

4. Bathroom state: Bathrooms play a crucial part in selling your home. A buyer is going to be put off with bathrooms that look dated, tiles that are chipped, timescale build up in the toilet or around taps and other such issues. Most of it will only want a little bit of work and could mean the difference between selling your house or not.

5. Potted plants and flower arrangements: These can make a room look and smell wonderful and fresh, but make sure they are not dying and shedding leaves and petals everywhere. As a Vancouver lofts realtor I see plants can create a bonus even in a condo. Seeing half dead or dead plants can have a detrimental impact on what the buyer feels about you and your home, so dispose of them before anyone comes round to view your home.