Worst Sample Resignation Letters - Taxi Driver, Pool Manager, Marketing Representative


Taxi Driver

I would like to offer my resignation from the post of taxi driver because I am tired of always getting the smelliest and dirtiest taxis, the ones with vomit on the seats. And I'm tired of always being sent the farthest away for a call that the dispatcher knows the person will never show up. That's because he is mad at me because I walked in on him in the bathroom when he was snorting coke and I called him on it because he was so pissed that I was driving "impaired" when all I did was a little weed and nothing like what he was doing. So since then he has always given me the worst jobs and the worst cabs and it's just out of spite. I'm a good driver and the weed doesn't hurt anything at all so just take this job and shove it. - North Brunswick, NJ



Admnistrative Assistant
I will like to offer my resignation for the post of administrative assistant because I can no longer stand working in this office.  First, I am tired of running all your errands including picking up your dry cleaning, going to Starbucks for your tall double no-foam caffeine-free lattes, and buying gifts for your latest flings.  Second, I am tired of your racist and sexist comments, your general uncleanliness and your foul mouth.  I won't work for you for one more minute no matter how much you pay me.  I should have resigned a long time ago, but I really needed the job.  Fortunately I won the lottery and no longer need you or your job.  While you are slaving away for peanuts, I will be sunbathing on a beach in the south of France.  So there is justice in the world after all. - Los Altos, CA

Exotic Dancer

I would like to offer my resignation from the position of Acountant due to the overwhelming lust I have for our Chief Financial Officer.  I’ve tried for months now to contain my passions but as he passed my desk this morning and I could smell the scent of his cologne, I realized I could no longer be a productive employee with this ongoing distraction.   I feel as though I’m working harder to impress him these days, not by doing my job quickly and accurately, but by wearing really short skirts and the highest heels I can find.  Please be understanding of this issue and support my decision to prevent possible insubordination issues as well as sexual harassment charges that could cause disgrace to the company.  Thank you for the wonderful opportunites I had here and I’m sorry I could not contain my emotions. - Houston, TX


Pool Manager

I would like to offer my resignation for the post of Pool Manager. Frankly, everyone around me proves themselves incompetent on a daily basis. I hated this job so much that I am taking up the new position of "Stripper" at Lulu's down the street, just so I don't have to deal with your idiocracy. Frankly, I hope your business fails, just as it should, and that your pool will be littered with the poop of many children. I hope you inhale too much of the chemicals while treating the poop, and I can't say I would be disappointed to see you on the obituary list. You were truely THE worst boss. P.S. can you write my letter of recommendation for school? - Alexandrai, VA


Marketing Representative

I would like to offer my resignation for the post of Marketing Representative because I can't keep working in these awful conditions. My supervisor constantly asks me to do too many things and I only want to work 8 hours a day. If I stay a second after 8 hours I feel like my time is being wasted and it completely goes against what we agreed to in the contract. I can't stand my cramped little cubicle as it is and there are barely enough breaks during the day for me to relax. Marketing is stressful and I need time to unwind after difficult phone calls. Please don't treat your future employees how you treated me. - Lynbrook, NY

Customer service Representative

I will like to offer my resignation for the post of Customer Service Representative. the reasons i am resigning is because of my low salary and poor working conditions. The company i work for is not meeting my living needs therefor i will have to take my hardworking self to a new business that will pay fairly and offer raises to meet my living needs. Thank you for the experience and hope you will be able to find someone to fill my spot within the 2 weak's i have given you. sincerely your X-worker. - Holbrook, MA