Pacific Comics only published one issue of Skateman but it still remains one of the most ill-conceived comic book heroes of all time. Skateman's real name is Billy Moon and he is a former Vietnam vet who decides to fight crime in an effort to seek justice for his friend who was killed by bikers. I know there was a time when roller skates were cool but I was never privvy to the time when they were associated with super heroes. I guess we can thank Pacific for not releasing a second issue.

Squirrel Girl

I cannot imagine that the writers at Marvel approached the creation of this character with any bit of seriousness. Writers had some fun with the character, whose ability to control squirrels led to the defeat of many powerful villains. Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl) is currently the nanny for another (more legitimate) comic book character.


In addition to having the super power of creating sparks/fireworks from her hands, Jubilee apparently also had the amazing ability of needing to get rescued all the time. She has actually been involved in quite a bit of action thanks in large part to being favored by Wolverine while a member of the X-Men. Regardless of the battles she has taken part in, I still find 'fireworks' to be a pretty lame super power.

Red Bee

Rick Raleigh did not possess the characteristics of a bee (which wouldn't be that great either) but he was able to control bees to fight crime. He also used a 'stinger gun' and had a very special bee named Michael which he kept in his belt buckle. Not surprisingly, Red Bee didn't stick around for long but has been mentioned (mostly for comic relief) in some more recent comics.


Rex Tyler was a scientist and invented a pill (Miraclo) that gave the user heightened abilities for one hour. Miraclo had a variety of different effects on the user: super strength, super toughness, super speed. Apparently Tyler lived in an area where you couldn't just go look for crime like everyone else, he had to post an ad in the paper to get the ball rolling. One notable accomplishment: Hourman was an initial member of the Justice Society of America before moving on to a couple other, less notable, super hero groups.

Wild Dog

Wild Dog is Jack Wheeler, a guy who went through some hard times and finally met a nice girl. She was killed by criminals and so Wheeler simply uses guns to shoot other criminals. He wears a hockey mask, protective armor and electrified gloves. He has appeared in some more current titles (he was created in the late 80s) but only as a nostalgic throw back.