Worst Tattoo Designs and Ideas -  Meaningless Tribal Tattoo Designs

Some things appear to be fun when you think about them but they sometimes turn out to be a little way off the mark. That is often what happens to those who try to be clever when getting a tattoo. Here are a few things to consider.



Tramp Stamp

The worst tattoo ever will be a lower back tattoo or "tramp stamp." I think that is the worst place on the body to put a tattoo. It is very unattractive to see a shirt ride up and expose whatever terrible tattoo the person has. As far as the subject goes, it will be a name or something signifying another living person. I am perfectly fine with the concept of memorial tattoos but getting a tattoo of the name of a living person is a dumb idea. If you fall out with them you are stuck with a permanent reminder of them on your body. - New York


The worst tattoo ever will be the tattoo that some random guy got on his back of the three main characters of the Twilight movies.  Why anyone would want these people tattooed on their back is a mystery to me for a few reasons.  First, they are horrible actors.  Second, the books are awful and have no plot.  Third, it is possibly the stupidest choice anyone could ever make.  Ever.  Why would you want such a gross thing on your back?  Everyone will judge you because Twilight is so horrible.  A Twilight tattoo is definitely the worst decision a person could make. - San Francisco

The worst tattoo ever someone could ever get would be the name of a lover. Relationships usually don't last and to get the name of a current lover would just mean having a permanent reminder of an ex lover in the future. The worst place you could probably get it is in a private area, or a clearly visible area. If it is in a private area and your current lover sees it  they are going to ask questions. If it is in a public area then everyone will ask who "blank" is and what happened to them. It will just bring up past and probably painful memories of your ex. So not only is it a permanent reminder of a failed relationship but it is also an incredibly overused tattoo. - Phoenix, AZ

The worst tattoo I have ever seen is the tattoo my fiance got without even informing me.  Ok so the tattoo is on her left side of her rib cage.  It ranges from the side of her breasts to about half way down.  The tattoo is about three inches in diameter. I think it looks horrible because it is jus a big blue butterfly with a lot of lines around it.  I find it unattractive.  She has an amazing body and why ruin it with a drawing that will be there forever.  I find girls with tattoos are unattractive and now I cant even see her body without discuss.  I have since broke up with her and will not date women with tattoos. I believe this was the worse tattoo I have ever seen and due to a tattoo costing a relationship. - Arizona

Tattoo artist

The worst tattoo ive ever seen was a full arm sleeve of peter pan and right underneath on this young girls stomach was a evil witch looking nurse. The girl said she ever regrets getting the stupid tattoos. Like why would have peter pan of all things with a demand nurse right under it spread all over your tummy. It would be understandable if the nurse was hot or something, but not at all. This nurse looks like she went to hell and then was carved very bad into this young girls side of her tummy. People these day, dont even think about the tattoos they get before they even get them. You know theres only so much you can cover up, hah. - Las Vegas


The worst tattoo design ever will be a heart tattoo with a significant others name in it.  I believe that this is the worst choice for a tattoo because it permanently impacts your life.  If a person ever got a tattoo with a lovers name in it and broke up with the other person, it would be horrible.  Just imagine meeting someone, falling in love, becoming intimate, and seeing the name of a former love on their chest (in a heart).  UGH!  Even if the tattoo was modified in such a way to cover the name, it is still obvious.  It would still bring up an uncomfortable conversation.  Even if the conversation was postponed until after intimacy, the other individual still has internal thoughts about the nature of the tattoo and the circumstances.  Who wants all those negative thoughts going around in their minds when a new relationship is just taking off. It is for this reason, that I believe getting a heart with a significant others name in it is a huge mistake. All other tattoos can be explained away or do not cause bad feeling to those we love.  That has got to be the worst tattoo ever. - West Chester, CA


The worst tatoo ever will be the one I saw on Tosh.O. It was a girl saying "I do not care at all", but she put a picture on an eye, then a donut, then a carrot, and then finally the word all....come on. Really! "I do...nut...carr...ot....all". It's one think to have a bad tatoo on you, but to have a bad tatoo and a bad joke....haha. It's like everyday you have to make excuses for yourself. And I do work at a bank, but i'm not the typical bank employee so this can't be an excuse. I have multiple tatoos and I don't even care about the meaning of them. It's just the fact that a bad joke is forever on her arm.- Shreveport, LA