On October 18, 1867 in Sitka Alaska the Russians formally transferred ownership of the Alaska territory to the United States of America.

At the time many people thought it was a waste to buy such a barren land as the Alaskan Territory. Today we understand that Alaska was truly a great purchase. The oil reserves alone account for great wealth for the United States of America.

Today we know Alaska is the land of oil, gold, as well as a majestic state that is chocked full of opportunities for people from all over the world.

About 80 years after the United States purchased Alaska from Russia, the Cold War began. Although the USA was ultimately the winner in the Cold War, the outcome could have been vastly different if we had never purchased Alaska.

Modern Alaskan Military in ActionCredit: Flickr/The National Guard

If the United States would have never purchased Alaska from Russia then Alaska would look much different today.

It would have been very likely that the Russians would have built multiple military bases and missile silos. The Cold War had the United States and Russia on the verge of nuclear war multiple times; however, the chance of a nuclear attack would have been much higher if Russia still owned Alaska. The Russians would have literally been in our backyard.

One of the primary reasons that Russia sold Alaska to United States is that they were in fear of losing the territory and receiving nothing for it. Just Fressia had been more confident and had the resources to protect this vast territory in modern history would likely be very different.

Maybe today we would be buying most of our oil from the Russians as opposed to the Arabs.

If Russia had known about that huge oil reserves and the huge gold deposits then it would have been very likely that they would have never sold the Alaskan territory. The gold reserves would have been an interesting aspect if Russia still owned the territory. Would many Americans still have made a rush to Alaska to pan and mine gold during the Alaskan Gold Rush? Would there have been a lot of Russian citizens rushing to Alaska to strike it rich in the gold fields?

There's a lot of speculation what it comes to the history books about how the World be different if Russia had never sold Alaska to the USA. One thing that is not disputed however is the fact that United States made one heck of a deal when they purchased the Alaskan Territory from the Russians.

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