How many people are in jails across the United States for marijuana possession? Why is it socially acceptable to many people to head home after work and crack open a beer but not marijuana joint? Is their a moral difference? In my opinion there is but it is different. When you drink beer and hard liquor some people get violent. How many violent people do you see who are stoned?

Why are we overcrowding our jail system with people that possess a small amount of marijuana for recreational use? These marijuana smokers are selling heroin, molesting children, killing their spouse, or even driving drunk.

If you do any of the crimes above then you should be in jail. If you drive while intoxicated by marijuana then it should be treated similarly to driving while drunk. If you have an ounce or less of marijuana at your house and you only smoke in the privacy of your house or up at East Fork when no one is around then why arrest these people?

More people die from aspirin each year then by Marijuana. Try overdosing on marijuana and see if you can. How many frat guys get alcohol poisoning each year? It doesn't happen with marijuana.

Regardless of your personal views on marijuana you should understand the fact that our jail system is overcrowded. Marijuana users getting sentenced to 6 months in jail while a drunk driver who kills someone gets off with a 30 day stay in the county jail. Not fair is it? I rarely drink alcohol. If they outlawed alcohol I would not miss it. I however do not want alcohol banned. If someone is grilling steaks on their new barbeque and is drinking a "couple of cold ones" then it has not effect on me.

For the most part beer drinkers are not getting in trouble. There are a large number of people that do get in trouble with alcohol but they are not the majority. If my neighbor gets drunk the only thing I will probably have to worry about is him peeing in my backyard. If I am stoned then it would not matter as I would simply laugh at the situation.

If you are anti-marijuana I would love for you to leave a comment.

California is going to be voting on legalizing recreational marijuana use this fall. It would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana and enable you to be able to smoke marijuana in the privacy of your home, legally.

If the bill passes we would see a small increase in marijuana crimes such as driving to Taco Bell to get some munchies late at night. The positive benefits of legalizing marijuana usage would far outweigh the negatives. Easing the burden on our jail system so that we can have more room for the real criminals such as rapists and meth dealers then we will finally have accomplished something truly great such as we did with the ending of alcohol prohibition.