Many men and women go to extreme limits to look beautiful and forever young.  They will pay exorbitant amounts of money in order to ensure that they look their very best.  Traveling from one country to the next if their budgets can’t support United States prices, people will attempt just about anything.  But what if, what we considered beauty here was altogether different when you woke up tomorrow and what other countries believe beauty to be had become our way.  I promise you it would scare us to death. 

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Let’s Bind Your Head

In Africa, the Mangbetu tribe uses the practice of head binding.  The women bound their baby’s heads with raffia to create an elongated look.  The women themselves go one step further by combing their hair around baskets to give themselves and even more elongated look. 

In the Island Nation of Vanuatu, a baby’s head is softened with oil and then wrapped tightly with bandages and topped with a basket.  These natives enjoy the appearance of a cone like head and believe it enhances their brain power and is exceptionally beautiful

lip stretch
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Lip Stretching

While many women will do anything to have lips like Angelina Jolie; the girls of the Mursi tribe take this look one step further.  At the age of 15 they begin the practice of lip stretching.  According to their traditions this will make them more appealing to their potential mate.  To get the desired look, a girl must puncture her lip and place a plug made of wood in the hole.  Over time the size of the plug is increased to make the lip stretch even further.  At the extreme they will even have their teeth taken out so that a plate over 5 inches can be inserted.  Each woman decides when the stretching stops.

Neck Stretch
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Stretch That Neck

Would you find it attractive to stretch your neck to the point it resembled that of a Giraffe.  The Padaung women begin receiving the rings to stretch their necks at the age of 5.  After placing salve on their necks and massaging it for a few hours; the first ring (bronze) is place around the neck with a cushion for comfort.  The process is continually repeated every two years.  The rings reflect beauty as well as social status for these women. By the time they marry their necks are usually extended over 25cms.   The removal of the rings is a fate for them that is almost worse than death. 

So the next time you think about how you look and want to go running over to see the plastic surgeon, remember them.  It will give you a totally new perspective on the meaning of extreme makeover and it may just help you to appreciate your own beauty.