If you have 15,208 articles published on InfoBarrel then you should earn at least $100 each and every day on average. How would you like to earn at least $100 each and every day on InfoBarrel? No single author has anywhere near 15,208 articles published on InfoBarrel but it is possible .Here are some ways that you can get 15,208 pages of content on InfoBarrel.

Write a lot

Each day write a certain number of articles and stick to it. If you write 8 articles per day on average then you can reach almost 3,000 additional articles added to your InfoBarrel folio each year. Writing 8 articles per day for InfoBarrel is not hard if you are in a writing zone. If you get in a writing zone then don not stop at 8. Keep writing until you fall asleep or burnout. If you can write 15 articles in one day then it will help keep your 8 articles per day average for the days you do not quite make it to 8 new articles.

Filipino Content Writers

You can find Filipino Content Writers that work cheaply. The cheapest tend to produce poor content but you can always edit it yourself. The more expensive Filipino content writers are more expensive, but still cheap compared to American writers. You can either hire Filipino article writers on an article by article basis or you can have a full time Filipino web content writer.

Once you have hired a Filipino writer to work for you full time you can give him or her a list of articles to write. You may have to train the Filipino writer to be able to meet your standards and SEO demands. The great thing is when you hire a Filipino writer to ghost write for you then you own the content and he or she cannot use it. It is the same as if you owned it. You can take all of the articles they write for you and edit them as you need to and then publish them to the InfoBarrel platform.


You can have a custom written article to your specifications by an American writer. The cost will generally be higher than if you were to hire a Filipino writer but the content quality is generally higher also.

You can hire a 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, or a 5 star writer for your web content. Generally a 2-4 star TextBroker writer is all you need for a good article for InfoBarrel. 2 star articles are the cheapest but usually you can get good quality articles. The cost varies depending on the star level rating you list the article for as well as the number of words.

You could easily list as many article titles as you can afford to have written for you. Once they write the content and you accept it then you now own the article as if you had written it yourself. You can now publish it on InfoBarrel.

It may take a year or more to earn back the money you paid for the article so I would suggest sticking to higher paying keywords if and when you ever decide to hire a TextBroker writer.

Combine Tactics

You can start off by writing a lot of content. Once you have written a lot of articles for InfoBarrel you can hire a few writers off of TextBroker to write custom content for you. Once you get the hang of it you can hire out a few articles for Filipino Writers. Once you get a few of them and can afford to hire a full time Filipino Writer to write custom articles for you to place on InfoBarrel. By continually using all of these techniques you will get to 15,208 articles even faster than writing all the content yourself.

If you are like me you are too cheap to hire anyone else right now so you will be writing all of the content yourself. If you want to write 15,208 articles for InfoBarrel then you need to stay motivated and reach your short term goals.

One of my goals is to reach 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of this year. I am over a 5th of the way there but feel that I am still on track has I will be able to dedicate more time to writing for InfoBarrel during the last 4 months of this year.

Write Your Butt Off

Life has many demands that may keep you from writing as much as you want too. There are kids, grumpy spouses, and 9-5 jobs that limit when you can write. Utilize the time you can write to maximize your output and reach 15,208 articles sooner. 15,208 articles should be a long term goal. Make some mini goals and short term goals such as I want to write 60 articles this month. Maybe you could simply say I want to write 10 additional articles for InfoBarrel each weekend. Regardless of your goals keep writing and publishing new content for InfoBarrel and you will eventually reap the rewards.

It will take a lot of work and effort to reach 15,208 articles on InfoBarrel regardless of the method(s) you use to reach that goal. Regardless of how you reach the goal you will enjoy getting checks for $3,000 or more each month from Adsense for all of the articles you have published on InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel is a numbers game and the more article content you have published here then the more potential you have to earn money. In order to quit receiving a few cents each day and start earning $10.00-$100.00 each day you need to keep publish new articles and publishing a lot of them.

Find ways to make InfoBarrel fun so it can help you from getting burned out on writing new articles. One of the benefits we have of using InfoBarrel is we can write about almost any topic we want. If you get bored of writing about a particular niche or subject then simply write about a different subject that currently interest you.

Writing a lot of articles is needed to make large amounts of money even if you use SEO techniques.