It makes a huge difference to your organization to have a professional image and an office with contemporary office decor creates the impression of an efficient and methodical business. This is because modern furniture is both aesthetic and practical, designed on the principle that "form follows function."

However, apart from the pleasant look and feel of modular, streamlined, and highly-functional office furniture, there are many other benefits to getting contemporary office decor. These benefits go beyond simply expressing a sense of refined taste. They include the best use of space, eco-friendly furniture, and furniture designed for the future. In addition, contemporary decor creates a positive psychological environment and provides numerous ergonomic advantages.

The Best Use of Space
Since most offices have spatial limitations, modern decor is designed to optimize the use of space, striking that fine balance between over and under-utilization of space. If an office has too much space then employees will be discomfited and restricted. They will find it hard to move around a cramped space and perform office functions efficiently. On the other hand, if too little office space is used, then much of the office space is wasted. Since modern office decor offers a wide spectrum of designer options, ranging from offering slim, streamlined furniture to modular furniture, it helps a business to make the very best use of its space.

Eco-Friendly Furniture
Contemporary decor is eco-friendly. Recycled material like particle board and refurbished metal is used in the creation of modern office furniture. This is done because it reduces industrial waste and makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Furniture Designed To Work In The Future
Since the furniture is designed for longevity, all stylistic considerations are aimed at making sure that the furniture will still be useful in the future. Modern office decor is not only designed to look good and work well now, but it is also designed to be just as attractive and just as useful 10 to 20 years from now. Since this furniture is modular, it can be expanded or contracted to fit future space requirements. A modular cabinet, for instance, will allow you to add or remove an extra shelf based on your future needs.

Positive Psychological Environment
Since modern future is so attractive, it enhances an office, creating a subtle psychological effect. Those who work or visit an office with modern decor enjoy the ambiance of the workspace. In a business, providing the right kind of atmosphere can make a difference to branding the business as well as improving the bottom line. Employees feel a spontaneous desire to work efficiently and the professional, well-organized environment impresses clients.

How to Design a Modern Office
Perhaps the best possible way to design an office that has the look and feel of ultra-efficiency is to consult with an interior decorator that specializes in this field. This consultant will be able to use specialized software to create a mock-up model of the office and choose between different scenarios. Moreover, this virtual creation can be done accurately since the software will calculate the exact dimensions. Lighting, design, placement and color can all be precisely planned using computer tools.

Modern furniture is often designed to be ergonomically-friendly and to support workers health. It protects both you and your employees from work-related injuries. An ergonomic work environment will help eliminate or remove physical stress.

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace environment and equipment to suit the well-being of the worker. This discipline is a result of scientists noticing that many medical problems like repetitive strain injury occurred in the workplace. Wrist related injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome can all be traced to the use of poor office equipment and furniture.

As computer technology and office automation has increased, workers have suffered from issues like:

  • Fatigue despite not doing strenuous physical work.
  • Numbness in the lower back and shoulders.
  • Tingling in arms, hands and wrists.

Studies have shown that these conditions could be avoided by using simple strategies like changing the height of the keyboard, providing palm support, re-positioning the computer mouse tray, and changing how the feet and knees are positioned when sitting down at a computer terminal.

Ergonomic furniture includes office chairs, height adjustable tables, adjustable workstations for multiple computers and computer users. The CPOD Chair and the Fluid Chair are examples of excellent ergonomic chairs.