You may have been looking for ways to cut costs on gas bills especially during the winter season. For people who need to make ends meet on the average salary, that few hundred pounds added onto your gas bill can be a nasty surprise in the cold weather when the you need to keep the house warmer.

If you have a ten year old conventional boiler and you find yourself spending a lot on gas bills, it may be time for you to consider replacing your boiler-system to help you save money in the long run. Conventional boilers used to do the trick, they still do work but because of modern technology, there are now new alternatives to consider, combi boiler-systems.

Combi boilers differ from other boiler-systems because they don’t need to store hot water, thus making the use of hot water cylinders unnecessary. Now, that is what’s going to help you save money. The term “combi” is used because not only do these heaters provide heated water, they also serve as the home’s main central heating unit.

The Benefits of Combi Boilers

Combi boilers have become the new trend when it comes to domestic water heating systems. What makes it so great for the home? First of all, it is efficient. Conventional boiler-systems can be efficient too, but there is a great likelihood that if you have had your conventional water heater for more than five years that its gas consumption will be a lot more than the new combi boilers.

Next is ease of installation. Most combi boilers have sleek designs which make them space‑saving additions to your home. Conventional boiler-systems tend to be more on the bulky side and require a lot more space which you could use for something else. Combi boilers come in varied shapes and sizes so you can usually fit one into a dead corner cupboard in your kitchen.

Probably the most important benefit of getting a combi boiler is the monetary savings that it comes with. It consumes less gas, and installation costs are lower because of the ease of installation.  You can also see a decrease in your gas bills because of the efficiency that this new type of boiler offers; you only heat water as it is required and do not have a tank full of hot water that goes cool overnight.

What else do you get with a combi boiler?

  • Servicing is easier with these new types of boilers and there is less to go wrong
  • They have great thermostat controls so you won’t suffer from sudden changes of water temperature and get to enjoy constant water temperature. No more shouts because the hot water has run out.
  • Pressure controls. You can have the choice when it comes to what pressure you’d like to have while in the shower. Apart from having control over the temperature, you can also control water pressure depending on your preference.
  • User-friendly controls. New water boilers have easy to understand manuals and controls. If you take the time to understand the manual after installation, you’ll easily get the hang of this product. This is especially important if the boiler is used in the kitchen or other open utility areas.

 . . .

With these features and benefits, if your old boiler is due for replacement then consider purchasing a combi boiler. It can help you save money in the long run, and you will have warmth, comfort and everlasting hot water while not worrying about your gas bills as much. Everyone is well and warm, and with extra savings to boot!