A controversial topic in the United States is the idea of gun control, and whether new laws could help or hurt our country. Many Americans are aware of the power of guns or armed weapons, but aren’t always aware of how easily a devastating shooting such as Columbine or the recent Newtown, CT shooting can occur. Many states in America are rethinking their policies regarding gun possession, and considering a new law allowing teacher’s to carry concealed weapons to the classroom. Texas is among one of the states with this policy to hopefully protect teachers’ from school shootings such as the one in Newtown, CT. But, surprisingly this policy is nothing new for Texas, which was passed a few years ago. Teachers in Texas are allowed to possess a concealed weapon in their classroom in case of an emergency, such as a dangerous intruder or a threat to the safety of the students or teacher.

Many wonder if this policy will cut the number of school shootings down, or cause more danger for the school environment. Many Americans are left to wonder, if the teacher is allowed to carry concealed weapons, how can the students and parents entrust that the weapon will not be used unless all parties are in danger? When schools became gun-free, the threat of school shootings became more of an issue. Is the solution to school shootings a concealed weapon policy for the teachers, or a different type of gun control policy?

Some Americans feel strongly about the possibility of gun control laws. It’s possible, if we rewrite our rights as a nation, we could end up with a rise in mass shootings. But how can we be sure of our safety as a nation, if guns remain easily available? Some believe a gun control law is a bad decision, but that there should be more restrictions on who can purchase a gun or weapon, providing each individual state’s decision. It seems a better solution could be to distribute psychological tests to those asking to purchase a gun or weapon. A background check or mental health test should be issued to ensure that the individual purchasing the gun is mentally stable and capable enough to posses the weapon. The idea of a psychological test could help eliminate the possibilities of shootings, but then there is the idea, what if the individual purchasing the gun shows no signs of a mental disorder? Though they may not show signs of a mental disorder, they could still have symptoms of one. Even a healthy, mentally stable individual can commit a seriously devastating crime with the weapon they purchased, there is almost no sure way to tell.

Even with a law banning guns from most American’s possession, there are still those that will ignore the law and possess one anyway. There is no way to ban guns or weapons from our country, and there’s speculation over the topic because if they are restricted, it is possible we could face more mass shootings. Those with a gun can protect themselves sooner in the face of a spree killer or mass murderer, because the police tend to arrive after the fact. If guns are restricted, there are fewer defenses.  [6338]

Concealed weapon policy?
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