Ghost(46050)It was interesting for me to discover what different people think about this topic. After all, it is not very black and white. Would you buy a house that someone was murdered in? It is a very difficult question indeed. Some people don’t mind at all. Others are completely against, but start to hesitate when they are confronted by a very cheap price.

So in order to discover the answer to this question I have surveyed a large group of people online. About 80 people were gathered by me out of which I have received 54 replies and the others dropped off for one reason or another. Everyone received this question and this article describes what I have discovered from this survey.House(46051)

First of all I’d like to give you the numerical results. 24 people out of 54 (44%), to one extent or another, were willing to buy the house. 26 people of out 54 (48%), completely refused to buy the house and 4 people simply could not decide one way or another.

This result surprised me a lot. I was expecting the vast majority to reject the house, but as I read the replies from the people I started to understand how different people were reacting. Therefore, the next section of this article will give you a short summary of the arguments of both sides.


  • As the price was lowered more people were willing to buy the house
  • Would not bother, but selling to locals who know the history of the house or who have heard what happened in the area is expected to be very difficult
  • An interesting point was raised – if the house is sold at a very good price (cheap), then it would be a smart thing to buy it as an investment and sell it in 10-15 years when everyone has forgotten about the murder


  • Certain cultures and superstitions (such as the house would become haunted) or beliefs (negative energy) stopped several people from even considering the purchase no matter at what price
  • An emotional discomfort due to the knowledge that someone was murdered in your house was too much of an obstacle for few to consider the purchase
  • Someone gave an example of case where there was an incident with a serial killer and the house price was some 20% to 30% cheaper than similar houses in the area and this house remained unsold.


An ethical issue is (assuming there is no requirement by law in that area): should you disclose the information about the murder in the house to potential buyers? The discussion among the surveyed group concluded that to be somewhat fair to both sides one must give this information if it was asked, but it was ok to keep quiet if no questions were asked.


Best option in order to get the full price of the house would be to try to sell to someone foreign to the neighbourhood