The Wow Wee Paper Jamz Drum Set is a great new toy that came out in July of 2010. This game is a good introduction for children to learn about musical instruments. This rhythm game has three styles of play. There are 6 designs available with the drums.

Freestyle lets you rock out to your favorite songs. In rhythm mode you just have to tap the touch sensitive pad in time to the music. In perfect play the song will play regardless of how you tap the paper.

This drum set is made of cardboard and paper and only weight 1.5 pounds. It is durable for a toy made of paper and most children will find it great fun, when they can get it away from their parents that is. The paper has touch sensitive circuitry which picks up a touch from hand or finger and plays a corresponding musical sound. Each drum and cymbal has a preloaded sound which plays when tapped.

The sound is not exactly the same as a real drum set but it is more realistic than many toy instruments. This is an affordable toy with a price of about $30 and it is very light and can be purchased online without the shipping and handling costing too much.

These drums come with a built-in speaker for easy listening but headphones can be used with them to save the sanity of the rest of the family. If your family does not mind the noise an external Paper Jamz amp can be purchased to increase the volume.

Paper Jamz also has a guitar. The the Paper Jamz guitar work just like the drums except they make guitar noises and are shaped like a guitar instead of a drum set. When purchasing the guitar an optional guitar strap can be purchased.

There is a Paper Jamz bundle available for around $100. This contains a drum kit, a guitar, a guitar strap, and an amp.

These affordable paper instruments are a good introduction to the world of musical instruments.