The newest innovation in toy guitars is the Paper Jamz Guitar. These instruments are made of paper and cardboard and contain a touch sensitive neck to create chords. They are tougher than you might expect from a toy made of paper. They don't use strings instead the strumming action is a touch sensitive pad.

These guitars come preloaded with music that you can play along with or you can play freestyle mode where you can make up your own songs. If you can't handle the "music" that your child creates a built-in headphone jack will save your sanity while your child can continue to have fun.

This toy guitar gives your child a general understanding of guitars and music. They can express their musical talent while deciding if the guitar is the right instrument for them. If your child is prone to playing air guitar to their favorite music this is a must have toy for them.

The price is right for a Christmas gift. The price is under 30 dollars which makes it cheaper than a regular kids electric guitar or a Rock Band set for a gaming console. There are a number of styles available and your child can rock on in style with the one that they like the best.

Paper Jamz Guitar Strap

Paper Jamz guitar straps are available to match the guitar of your choice. A strap makes playing with this toy guitar more comfortable and realistic. After all you can't really play a guitar without a strap…right?

Although the guitar comes with built-in speakers no rock star is complete without an amp, and Paper Jams just happens to have this accessory as well.

Paper Jamz Amp

The Paper Jamz amp is a lightweight amplifier that plugs straight into either a Paper Jamz guitar or Paper Jamz Drums. There are several styles of amps available and these working amps will increase the volume that the instruments can play. The amps come with a carrying handle on the top which makes it easy to take the bad "on the road" from one room or friends house to another. The amp sells for less than 20 dollars which makes it an affordable accessory.

Paper Jamz Bundle

The Paper Jamz Bundle is an affordable way to get a whole band together. This product sells for about $100 and contains a guitar, a strap, drums, and an amp. Get the whole Paper Jams bundle and the whole family can play together. Choose a style and you'll get a matching set of instruments and accessories to play with.

Toy instruments are a great way to encourage an interest in music in a child, and the Paper Jamz guitar is a wonderful way to get started. These instruments are fun for children and adults alike. They are lightweight and made so that the small hands of a child can work them with ease. The touch sensitive pads require less manual dexterity than something with buttons or strings. They can be carried from room to room or from house to house with very little effort. They do require 3 AAA batteries so make sure to have a nice stockpile available for this toy that will get a lot of use. This is a toy that will keep any child entertained for a long time.