WowWee Robopanda Robot


The robopanda is sensitive to touch and sound so you don't need to use a remote control. It has three moods and you will know when she becomes feisty, shy and happy.

Your toddler can easily interact with it since it has training modes. It even teaches your child to use her different friendly features and this was a major plus points to this toy.

This WowWee Robopanda has a conversation menu that is why it can tell a story, play some games, sing a song to your precious little one. It has a wonderful personality, lifelike actions with cute and well lit eyes.


It would be wise to buy rechargeable batteries since it may really cost you more if you only the purchase the ordinary ones especially when your precious little one keeps on playing with it.

Full Review

WowWee Robopanda Robot

We had bought this Robopanda Robot a few years ago and up until till now it is still working so good. We got it on sale so we decided to purchase it.

We were amazed how interactive this Robopanda and it's also very friendly. It can talk and interact for hours with your kid with a good and natural disposition. It has a unique personality and realistic movements and it comes with a nice and cuddly teddy bear.

The quality of the miniature panda is very good including the big robotic bear. The Robopanda "mommy" as what my child calls it, talks and interacts with her own included small teddy bear.

She even asks your little one, "Where's my teddy?". I enjoyed the way my two and a half year old daughter plays with the robopanda and gives her back the small teddy bear with care and affection.

This WowWee Robopanda was able to help me when I was doing something important while my child enjoys interacting with it inside her play yard in the same room with me. I always stay with her while she plays with it since the recommended age for this electronic toy is eight and up probably because it moves a lot.

It can even sit on its own but sometimes it also asks for your little toddler to help her sit and respectfully says thank you. This Robopanda Robot has humor too while she talks to your child.

My toddler started playing and interacting with her Robopanda when she was 20 months old under our guidance and now she is absolutely enjoying it. As a parent, I was amazed by the different touch and sound sensors that this robopanda has.

It can truly tell the difference between a touch, a stroke, or a pat through her touch robotic responsive skin. The unique features of this WowWee Robopanda Robot can also tell wonderful and engaging stories but your child needs to interact with her so that she will continue to go on talking.

If your child stops interacting with the panda, she'll tell your kid that she needs to sleep and you can hear the automatic turn off sound so that you can also save some batteries. It plays games that are fun for everyone in the family too.


In Closing


I will recommend this toy to any parent since it's an educational and a well-made electronic

product. Every time that I will turn on this WowWee Robopanda toy, my active little one will always give me a happy and beautiful smile.