And Harry Potter T Shirts, Jewelery and all sorts of Harry Potter Stuff

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The phenomenon that is Harry Potter, (HP), began way back in 1990, when on a train, the idea for a series of novels suddenly came to author JK Rowling. I wonder if, at the time she realised the worldwide sensation she was creating? The first of seven books, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published in 1997, and almost immediately found rave reviews from the public and critics alike. Just a year later Rowling sold the movie rights to Warner Brothers and, with that the legend grew and grew.

As is usual for box office hits, the HP series spun off a lot of merchandising, (Harry Potter stuff basically), including the biggest hits of all; Harry Potter wands, t shirts and Harry Potter jewellery. Today we will look at the top selling items that would make a perfect gift for any HP fan.

Have a look at this magnificent collection of Harry Potter Wands for sale.

This must be seen as the ultimate collectible for the Potter fans everywhere. The collection of these six iconic wands is truly a quality piece of collectible memorabilia.

It features:

  • The faithful replication of the wands of HP, and
  • Hermine Granger
  • Ron Weasley
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Neville Longbottom, and
  • Luna Lovegood
  • All together in one fine collection
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They are mounted on a scroll of parchment-style display, that can be mounted on the wall.

Here's  what one proud fan said of his investment:

"This is a beautiful set of wands from "Dumbledore's Army" members. They are so real, they look exactly as the real ones used at the movies"

But don't worry, there are many more items in the Harry Potter Wands range, from under $10 - perfect for the young Potter fan to run around the house with.

And remember the Harry Potter jewellery? Another of the must have collectables for HP fans everywhere. The beautiful piece I have featured here, is called the HP Time Turner golden snitch style Flying ball necklace. What a fine piece this is indeed.

Its description:

  • Flying ball Time turner watch necklace
  • Rare Handmade Piece
  • A Must Have Tool for any crazy time traveler
  • Enchanted Watch necklace
  • Inspired by legendary Harry Potter
  • Golden Snitch Time Turner Fantasy
  • Ball is real working watch, the center spins around, and the watch is precision battery operated.
  • Watch dial has beautiful antique gold color finish.
Hogwarts MapCredit: wikkicommons

Again if you are after something similar, but want to see a more comprehensive range of Harry Potter Jewellery; well you can!

And just to round off, here is a map of the ground floor of Hogwarts Castle. Lets see if the Harry Potter fan in you, or your kids, can find their way around the rooms - just as they were depicted in the movies.

May the Harry Potter Wand be with you!