I love to give gifts, and I also love to wrap gifts.  I tend to buy those 30 inch rolls of paper and somehow they end up on the floor of different closets in the house.  They lose their luster and prettiness as they slip to the floor to be covered by shoes and other front door assorted clutter.  I end up cutting some off just to get to the nice parts.

Rolls of wrapping paper are not the easiest to store, but the worst ones for me are the Christmas wraps as you are only going to dive into that supply once a year.  It is nice to keep these all together.

If like me, after the holidays, you like to stock up on the “boxing day specials” such as cards and paper, then having a convenient place to store them should also be on the list.  

I also like to keep everything with the paper, such as tape, bows, ribbons, and gift cards.  This year we downsized our home and there simply is not the storage for all the seasonal decorations and associated products such as wrapping paper, so I decided it was time to get organized.  No more rooting under the stairs for the Christmas tree, or bags of tangled lights, or ornaments or Christmas wrap, it was time to get organized. 

If you do this now, then next year will be even easier and actually more enjoyable as you simply get the specialized containers from your storage area and calmly put up the tree, and calmly decorate it with the precious keepsake decorations and ornaments that you have stored in the right containers.  There are brilliant ornament storage boxes, that are easy to stack and find as well as specialized bags for storing all those lights and a specialized bag for that faux tree.  If you do this right this year, it will be a cinch next year and actually enjoyable to decorate without stress.

This goes for all the gift giving that requires wrapping paper and tags too.  Why not have them in the right container and load them with everything you will need.

Wrapping Paper StorageCredit: amazon.com
Master Craft Gift Wrap Storage Bag, Green
Amazon Price: $23.43 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2015)

Wrapping Paper Storage Container or Bag

What I absolutely love about this container or bag, is that it can fit neatly under my bed, or actually store nicely with the Christmas decorations on a shelf.  It is a clean and zippered bag specially designed to hold quite a few rolls of paper, and all the accessories.  It would also make a great gift idea.

HINT:  Why not head to the dollar store now, and purchase some extra scissors, tape and gift tags so that you have everything together, no running around looking for scissors and tape.

You can simply grab this container from under your bed or closet shelf or with all the other seasonal decorations and carry it to whatever room suits you best to do your wrapping.  Then once you have done you can replenish it with the good deals you find and zip it back up and put it away under your bed again. 

You could get two of these paper storage bags and have one specifically for Christmas paper and another one that will be used more often for other gifts throughout the year.  Also keep an extra set of scissors and tape in the second one as well, since you can get them from the dollar store.  The dollar store scissors will cut paper, so it is worth having extra pairs just to keep your sanity when it comes time to do any kind of wrapping.

Vertical Wrapping Paper StorageCredit: amazon.com
Homz 30 in. Wrapping Paper Storage
Amazon Price: $24.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2015)

Vertical Wrapping Paper Storage

If you have a lot of rolls of paper, and you want to keep all seasons together in one vertical style bin to store in your closet, then this one is a great example.  I have one of these I keep in my front hall closet.  I also store old Christmas cards in it to turn into gift tags the following year.  I just keep everything together. (I just take the pretty front part of a card and cut into rectangles, fold and write the name inside.  Great way to recycle cards).

The vertical containers will hold up to 20 rolls of different wrapping papers.  It all depends on how much room you have available for storage.  If you have space in a closet then this style would house a lot of paper, if you don’t have the room, then under the bed style would be better.  

Gift Bag StorageCredit: amazon.com
Gift Bag Organizer
Amazon Price: $25.00 $21.58 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2015)

Gift Bag Storage

Not all gifts get wrapped anymore, and if you prefer bags or you like to recycle the gift bags that you received and use them again, then having a place just for them where they will not get torn or crushed works well.

This particular style is a hanger, and you simply collapse the bag and store in the pockets designed to hold them.  You can see at a glance which would be best for your gift giving.  The clear pockets make it easier to see whether it is for seasonal or a birthday.

It is an environmentally friendly way to give gifts, and many are re-used again and again.  If you can keep them nice instead of simply taking one bag and filling it with some others, this system takes up much less space as it hangs on a hanger and doesn’t use up the shelf or the floor.  What a perfect way to quickly grab a gift bag.

So, if you have been looking to get organized this year, especially for Christmas, then check out the cool storage containers that are on the market now for making your life easier whether for the holidays or the whole year through.