Wreck beach is a diamond in the rough. This beach, located just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the best beaches best to peruse in Canada. The beach's claim to fame is its "clothing optional" status, but the breath-taking wildlife is nothing to scoff at. As you stroll along the shore, you can catch views of eagles, seals, and sometimes moose. The canopy is green and luscious during the summer season. Majestic Douglas Fur pines encapsulate the cliff ridge that runs along the water. Hiking to the beach along its plentiful marked trails is a pleasure all its own. The paths are clearly marked, scenic, and are filled with the beauty that this region of Canada boasts.

Beach etiquette is paramount at this beach. Patrons enjoy the sun sometimes in nothing more than their birthday suits. Being naked is not required, per say, but regular beach goers appreciate daring newcomers. While there are many "adult" beaches that have a clothing optional status, Wreck Beach is unique in that it is family friendly. There is zero tolerance for any obscene or illegal behavior. Beach goers are enjoying the out doors in the most natural way possible. It is commonplace to see entire families enjoying an afternoon making music and feeding the noisy seagulls. The beaches are rocky with some sandy parts along the way. There is an estuary just to the north of the shore, called the Oasis by regular beach goers, which boasts some rare plant life, like a two-headed cattail. The local college, the University of British Columbia, holds an endowment with the land of Wreck Beach and protects its ecosystems and privacy. College faculty and students visit the beach often and bring an air of culture to the beach front. Many vendors have shops at Wreck Beach.

Clothing Optional Wreck Beach SignThis beach scene is unique in that it caters to local vendors and revels in the diversity of wares that are sold on the shore. The cuisine is colorful to say the least. The menu consists of stands selling buffalo burgers, Peruvian empanadas, and other culturally diverse fare. After you satiate your appetite, you can sun worship au' natural or get a massage, pedicure or haircut. You can take juggling lessons, play some bocci ball, Majong, or Scrabble. There is a wide array of sports that are played at this eclectic waterfront spot.

This is one of the best beaches in the world to come to and enjoy the ambiance. The astonishing waterfront invites you with a strong surf. The water can be a little chilly in the off-season but is a welcome refreshment on a hot July day. The sounds of the beach are as diverse as the food. The organic music scene of Vancouver is synonymous with Wreck Beach. As you descend the infamous "Trail 6" 542-step stairway, you come onto the main strip of the scene. Local sounds interspersed with international, classic rock, and tribal beats can be heard as you walk from area to area. Conversation is light-hearted and plentiful. The atmosphere is truly relaxed and exciting at the same time. Improvisational music sessions are common among the regulars, and every visitor will find it easy to tap a foot or join along. If you play an instrument, this beach can be a place to play in a relaxed atmosphere with many appreciative fans and onlookers.

This is an exciting beach to visit because it is an international mecca for naturalists. Rarely will you find a beach with such relaxed policy that is safe and accessible to the general public. In recent years, the location has gotten its share of criticism, but Wreck Beach has continued to do what it does best - cater to patrons who have a true appreciation for nature. The mostly naked crowd are proud of the beach and its diverse culture. "Regulars", as local beach goers have dubbed themselves, visit the location to enjoy the majestic shoreline of British Columbia with a festive spirit. They call society the "topside" and enjoy the precious time they spend "down under". If you like your sand warm, as well as your rocks and company, then Wreck Beach is truly one of the best beaches out there to visit.