Wrinkle Prevention

Anti-Aging Information

Wrinkle creams are sold everywhere, ranging from discount stores to the fanciest department stores. They are also sold online, of course. If you have ever shopped around for wrinkle cream or other beauty products that claim to fight the aging process, then you already know that the retail prices of these anti-aging products can vary wildly. 

Your first step is to refuse to buy into promises that sound very difficult to believe. When it comes to advertising, remember the old adage “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.” Listen to your gut instincts. Manufacturers of wrinkle cream products spend a lot of money hiring ad copywriters who are well trained to write ad copy that is designed to push all of your emotional buttons as a consumer. They want to win over customers, so they appeal to potential consumers’ desires to stay ever youthful.

In addition to refusing to buy into the button-pushing language that these ad copywriters use in their wrinkle cream ads, you will also want to keep a skeptical attitude about the models they choose to feature in their advertising. Many of these women have young looking skin not because they are using the featured beauty product but because they are in fact young models. They have no laugh lines or crow’s feet because they are too young to have them yet, not because they have found some miracle cream. 

Now that you are following steps one and two by refusing to buy into the persuasive but not always fully truthful language advertisers use and also maintaining a skeptical view of the images they use as well, your third step is to accept the fact that no cream in the world, no matter how expensive it might be can do what actual plastic surgery can do. Over time, gravity has its way with the skin on our faces and every other part of our bodies, in spite of what advertisers of anti-aging products would try to get you to believer. This is absolutely not a recommendation for plastic surgery, only a reminder that the aging process is simply a fact of life, and one that we should learn to accept. After all, age does not only bring a few wrinkles here and there, but also wisdom, knowledge, experience and the unparalleled joys of a life fully lived.

Aging gracefully is at least in part about accepting the fact that we do in fact grow older. It is common knowledge, after all, that we live in a culture that celebrates youth and holds it up as an ideal. Of course, advertisers and manufacturers of beauty products know this all too well, so they claim that only their wrinkle cream can reverse the aging process, but you know better than to buy into their exaggerated claims.